All Facts about IQ 163

IQ 163 indicates a super smart person who is listed in the ‘Genius at a high level’ group and these people only account for 0.001335238273% of the people living on this planet. This article is a great chance for you to know more about IQ 163. 

I. What does an IQ 163 mean?

People should be proud of themselves if they have an IQ of 163. As indicated by the calculations, you are the only one who matches this IQ score out of 74,893 people.

IQ 163 indicates a super smart person who is listed in the ‘Genius at a high level’ group and these people only account for 0.001335238273% of the people living on this planet

IQ 163 indicates a super smart person who is listed in the ‘Genius at a high level’ group and these people only account for 0.001335238273% of the people living on this planet

If you have an IQ 163, you reach a level which is higher than the beautiful actress Emma Watson and the well-known billionaire Elon Musk. In fact, people with anIQ of 163 are not only world-class talents but also extremely rare in the world. Those who possess IQ 163 will have extremely creative minds, because they have extremely logical thinking and excellent memory, so high IQ people can absorb and remember everything very quickly in just a few seconds. 

II. Kristoffer Kristofferson - Celebrity with IQ 163

When it comes to people who have an IQ test of 163, it would be remiss of Kristoffer Kristofferson not to be on the list. According to the website celebrityiqs.com, this American singer and songwriter concurrently own an IQ score of 163.

Kristoffer was born in June 1936 in Brownsville, Texas, United States. His father is Lars Henry Kristofferson - an American army officer. His paternal ancestry was from Sweden while his maternal one was from different nations: England, Scots-Ireland, Germany, Switzerland-Germany, and the Netherlands. When Kristoffer was in his youth, his father always orientated him toward a military career. While Kristofferson lived in San Mateo with his family, his father consigned him to support in the military service and that is the reason why Kristofferson often moved around his living areas as a youth. In 1951, Kristoffer was a student at San Mateo High School and graduated in 1954. His dreamful occupation was a writer, then he immediately entered Pomona College and his early essays “The Rock” and “Gone Are the Days” won the prize. Concurrently, these essays were published in the magazine The Atlantic Monthly and this was the beginning of his passion. 

Kristoffer Kristofferson - Celebrity with IQ 163

Kristoffer had his first fame at Pomona College when he appeared in Sports Illustrated’s “Faces in the Crowd” with his achievements in rugby -  a sport type of American football on March 31. Then, he and his classmate refounded the Claremont Colleges Rugby Club in 1958 and he also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the same year. Kristoffer won a scholarship which was named Rhodes to Oxford University in 1958. 

He kept playing rugby, and was awarded the boxing prize Blue while studying at Oxford. Kristoffer entered an entertainment company and with the support of Larry Parnes - his manager, he worked for Top Rank Records under the stage name Kris Carson. Parnes tried to introduce Kristofferson as “a Yank at Oxford” to the English community with the purpose of commerce and he agreed with her if this helps his singing career develop. Unfortunately, the first music phase in his career was not successful as he expected. Kristofferson signed a contract with Monument Records and Fred Foster became the manager of Combine Music - Kristofferson’s songwriting label. The first album that Kristofferson debuted for Monument includes his previous songs as well as new ones. 

Although this album was successful after being released under the title Me & Bobby McGee, the number of physical versions were insufficient in selling. At the beginning of the 1970s, “For the Good Times” won the prize “Song of the Year” which was organized by the Academy of Country Music. In 1971, Kristofferson’s second album was released with the title “The Silver Tongued Devil and I”. Kristoffer focused on the field of films several years later. His outstanding films include Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, Convoy, the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Martin Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Vigilante Force, A Star is Born, and so on.

As you can see, Kristoffer was quite successful in the field of art with his IQ score of 163. Beside his ability to write songs, he also can act in films and play sports prominently.

III. 5 Suitable Jobs for IQ 163

1. Architect 

One of the occupations that is suitable for an IQ score of 163 laborers in the field of architecture. Architect is a person whose role is to come up with ideas, design plans, design premises, interior spaces, landscapes,... on the basis of providing functional architectural solutions. , aesthetics, technical measures for projects. Their goal is to create an overall design with a new, beautiful and safe architecture in a certain area (residential area, industrial park, urban landscape,...).

Architect iq 163

Thus, the architect will turn all human needs for a place to live, work, play, etc. into 3D visual images. After that, this design will be constructed by another unit and the architect will be in charge of supervising the construction process, ensuring the process is carried out in accordance with the drawing data.

To become a good architect, you need to equip yourself with the following "baggage":

  • Have knowledge of law: For the work of architects, knowledge of laws and regulations related to infrastructure is extremely necessary. Accordingly, the Construction Law and construction standards have a lot of influence on the architecture you need to design. To avoid errors related to construction standards that may cause you to have to redraw the design from the beginning, the architect must continuously update legal knowledge.
  • Mathematical knowledge: The work of an architect requires artistry, ingenuity and some knowledge of mathematics. Because once a design is completed and wants to be practically deployed and applied in practice, it needs to be based on accurate measurements with appropriate proportions. Therefore, to pursue this career, you need to have a solid foundation of knowledge in mathematics.
  • Design skills: Architects must constantly work with drawings, so it is impossible for you to not know the design. However, it should be noted that the design skills of an architect are completely different from the design skills of a graphic designer. Besides aesthetics, you need to know how to harmonize the beauty and function of the building to match reality.
  • Knowledge of fine arts: Having a foundation of knowledge in fine arts is the top condition for you to enter the career path of an architect. The architect's aesthetic ability and knowledge of fine arts are demonstrated through conceptual sketches. Furthermore, to be able to complete a design, there needs to be harmonious coordination between the elements of color, pattern and layout. In addition, artistic ability is also a quality of each person. This job requires you to have a creative mind and good abstract thinking to easily realize ideas on drawings.

 According to the report of bls.gov, the median salary rate was $80,180 a year and $38,55 one hour in 2021. This job’s minimum requirement for an entry-level architect is a bachelor’s degree.

2. Chemical engineers

The occupations which are related to specialized majors such as chemistry, biology, and mathematics require IQ of 163 laborers to have favor in those majors beside their high IQ scores. Chemical Engineer is defined as a scientist who researches and develops molecules, active principles and chemical-related products for market application. A chemical engineer is someone who knows a lot about science and has the ability to apply knowledge of chemistry alongside other engineering disciplines. These engineers will participate in the invention and application of innovative products in product production, quality testing, and product commercialization.

Working as a chemical engineer is a profession that requires creativity, analytical thinking and problem-solving ability. People working in this industry can participate in different fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, energy, environment, etc. Chemical engineers can also work in laboratories, machines, consulting firms or government agencies.

To become a good chemical engineer, you need to study hard in basic subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and specialized subjects such as reaction engineering, solid state engineering, measurement and control engineering. You must be able to analyze,solve problems and be creative at work. At the same time, it is necessary to have good practical skills in the laboratory and production workshop. In particular, there must be a sense of compliance with safety and environmental protection regulations.

In addition, people working in this profession also need to equip themselves with soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management and self-study. Even after graduation, you need to continue to update new knowledge and participate in additional training courses to improve your professional capacity and adapt to the job.

 The median salary rate for this field was $105.550 per year.

3. Computer hardware engineer

The requirement of this field is high-level and that is the reason why enterprises often recruit high IQ laborers for these positions. Computer hardware engineers have distinct personalities. They tend to be investigative individuals, which means they are intellectual, introspective, and curious. They are curious, methodical, rational, analytical and logical. Some of them are also practical, which means they are independent, stable, durable, honest, practical and thrifty.

Computer hardware engineers analyze complex equipment to determine the best way to improve it and design new types of information technology equipment. Computer hardware engineers identify problems in computer hardware and develop/test possible solutions. They also explore the best way to implement new changes. They often work alongside software engineers, as both are often connected to the development of certain products. For example, mobile phone development requires both hardware and software engineering skills.

Hardware engineers also design non-computer devices, such as car parts or medical equipment that are connected to the Internet and have hardware systems embedded in them. Additionally, they often work in research laboratories building and testing different types of computer models. They often work in teams and must be able to communicate with other engineers as well as with non-technical team members.

In addition to the technical skills you will acquire through education, you will also need certain soft skills or personal qualities to succeed in this field. First, critical thinking is necessary for engineers to compare different solutions to problems that will allow you to determine the best solution. Additionally, they need to read a lot to keep up with changes in technology. Communication skills are extremely necessary as computer hardware engineers often work in teams. Finally, they must be able to come up with new ideas for designing computers, devices, and peripherals.

 The median pay for this occupation was $128,170 per year in 2021 according to the survey of bls.gov. In terms of the degree, a new-entry engineer needs a bachelor’s degree from official education programs such as universities or career education centers.

4. Material engineers

There are plenty of certain positions in this field such as ceramic engineers, composites engineers, metallurgical engineers, plastics engineers, semiconductor processing engineers and so on. The basic task of materials engineering engineers is to research, develop and apply materials to develop new products. This is a key field in industry 4.0 and indispensable in the research and product development of chemical and materials companies. 

Material engineers job for 163 iq

Materials engineers understand the atomic structure of each type of material, understand the physical structure and mechanical properties of each material, and can further influence them to meet other requirements. Choosing which type of material meets the standards, has enough durability, and has the required properties is decided by materials engineers. That is also one of the jobs of a materials engineer. Besides, they need to design and test the processing procedures to ensure processes are operated smoothly. 

Materials engineering is an industry that involves a large amount of mechanical knowledge, so it is necessary to have a passion for mechanics and materials. The materials engineering technology industry also requires a solid foundation of knowledge in mathematics, physics, and chemistry to understand structures and build related principle models. The average income rate was $98,300 per year for this field in 2021. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum level that enterprises and companies require.

5. Nuclear Engineer

This is one of the difficult chemical fields because of the sophisticated features of this job. It requires not only specialized knowledge but also good health from laborers. The outstanding development of Nuclear Engineering in the nuclear industry is the development of nuclear power plants.

Nuclear engineers analyze complex physical and radiation transport phenomena that occur inside and outside nuclear reactors. At the same time, coordinate work with scientists and engineers in other fields to model complex phenomena such as heat exchange processes, predict fluid flow configurations in systems, and chemical reactions. , and material behavior. Modeling and simulation play an extremely important role in this field.

Nuclear engineers will coordinate with flow dynamic engineers to determine the appropriate heat exchange rate and coolant flow rate in the reactor system using calculation tools. Complex simulations are capable of modeling combined nuclear and hydrothermal phenomena.

For each type of nuclear power plant technology, engineers involved in reactor core design use modeling and simulation tools to find the optimal design configuration that satisfies the design requirements. detailed operations as well as satisfying the standards of regulatory agencies.

The job requirements for a nuclear engineer are very strict, because this is not only a very important job but also one of the jobs that involves and greatly affects the safety, human life and affects very important environmental issues. A nuclear engineer is like a scientist, they need to ensure the amount of knowledge, understanding and constant study, research and innovation to apply nuclear energy to life and bring benefits. The best benefits from nuclear energy for humans.

The average income of nuclear engineers was $120,380 per year and the minimum education level is the university intellectuality with a bachelor’s degree.

If you are an IQ 163 owner, the above information will be useful for you. However, if you want to measure your own IQ score, you can attend IQ tests on websites to make an exam. 

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