All Facts about IQ 162

According to scientists’ published research, natural geniuses who have an IQ of 162 just account for about less than 0.005% of the world’s population. That proof indicates that the chance which is used to meet the IQ of 162 people is extremely tenuous. Talents having an IQ of 162 are often extraordinary not only in intellect but also in personality and lifestyle.

I. What does IQ 162 mean?

What does an IQ 162 mean?

People who have an IQ of 162 are more intelligent than two prominent physicians Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein because their IQ score was just 160 which is the highest IQ score at that time. IQ of 162 people can make unique things in terms of many aspects of life which are based on their IQ intellect (academic knowledge, personality, lifestyle and so on).

II. Celebrities with IQ 162

1. Jill St. John - The American former well-known actress

Jill St. John is the full name of the American actress who is one of the most intelligent movie superstars with an IQ of 162. She became more popular when playing a role in the film Tiffany Case.

John was born in 1940 to Jill Arlyn Oppenheim in Los Angeles (US). Her father, whose name is Edward Oppenheim is the owner of a reputable restaurant in her hometown. She became a member of the Children’s Ballet Company with her female partners Stefanie Powers and Natalie Wood during her juvenile time. Jill’s mother changed her last name from Jill’s to St.John when she was an adolescent. 

St. John had a chance to act on the radio and the nine-year-old made a debut as an actress in the first full-length TV movie in her acting career, The Christmas Carol. Concurrently, John also joined the cast of a TV show which had the attendance of Richard Beymer was named Sandy Dreams. 

In 1951, she played a small role in the movie Thunder in the East and was in two episodes of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. Also, she had an acting opportunity in the film series Cavalcade of America, Fireside Theatre and Sky King. Speaking of her study roadmap, she was a student at Powers Professional School and graduated from Hollywood Professional School with a high school diploma in 1955. Jill attended UCLA’s Extension School. 

Jill St. John iq 162

Although she was quite busy with her study at this time, she still joined plenty of radio shows and one of the notable shows was One Man’s Family.  In 1957, she signed a seven-year contract with Universal Pictures with a salary of $200 per week. She accompanied John Saxon for the first time in Summer Love which was released in 1958. 

Jill also joined the series of The Christophers, The DuPont Show of the Month and Schlitz Playhouse. She revealed her idol was Kay Kendall in a TV show. She expressed her ambition to become a movie star and she decided on 20th Century Fox to sign a contract and the first film that she played for the first film production audio is The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker (1959). 

Then she attended The Lost World - an adventure movie (1960). She started her comedy career and her memorable milestone is that she had a key role in the reputable comedy film, Come Blow Your Horn (1963). After her superior performance in this film, she was nominated to receive a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. She stated, “I’m a comedienne” in 1963. 

From that time, she became a young comedy actress who was hunted by film production companies a lot and she appeared in a series of comedies: Honeymoon Hotel, Who’s Minding the Store, Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed. 

St. John left the former company and started to sign a contract at Universal. She played in the movie Fame Is The Name of the Game (1966) and had a small role in How I Spent My Summer Vacation (1967) with a male movie star Robert Wagner. Jill played the title role in the TV movies Saga of Sonora (1973) and Brenda Starr (1976) and guest-starred in Matt Houston, P.I., Fantasy Island and The Love Boat. She was also high-evaluated in the Concrete Jungle (1982) which she played Warden Fletcher - a female prisoner. 

Jill St. John mostly resided in Aspen, Colorado and spent her spare time on individual passion and cooking instead of keeping acting in Hollywood. She founded a handmade sweater business called Angora and was interested in skiing, river rafting, gardening, orchid growing, and hiking. She is also a founder of the Aunts Club which was based in the women's community in Rancho Mirage. This club often contributes about $1,000 to support the child every year.

2. Adhara Pérez - The Mexican 10 year old with an IQ of 162

Adhara Pérez is a special girl who has an IQ score of 162 in Mexico. Her teacher told she fell asleep and took a doze in the class as she didn’t come to school anymore. Even this female talent became an in-depth depression but her mother still knew that Pérez was a talented girl. “At home, I saw that she knew the periodic table of elements and she knew algebra. 

I think she felt bored,” Nalley Sánchez - Pérez’s mother tells Infobae, and Sánchez’s decision-making was to take Pérez to therapy. After that, the psychiatrist suggested that Pérez should be registered at the Center for Attention to Talent (CEDAT) which is applied to talented children. Pérez realized that her daughter was not a popular genius because she has an IQ test of 162 which is higher than two reputable physicians Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Adhara Pérez - The Mexican 10 year old with an IQ of 162

Pérez finished the elementary education program when was 5 and this 6-year-old graduated from secondary school. The high school program was subjugated by 8-year-old Pérez. The Mexican talent is studying industrial engineering in mathematics at UNITEC and concurrently systems engineering at CNCI. Besides, she has been offered a scholarship from the University of Arizona. Pérez was nominated as one of the 100 most powerful women of Mexico by Forbes. She wrote and published a memoir which was named “Don’t Give Up”.

 In the current interview, Sánchez said “The most difficult thing was breaking the stereotype that children with autism cannot and are incapable of achieving things,”. Pérez shared her dream with Infobae that she would like to work at NASA. the Institute of Art and Culture organized an event at a school in Tijuana and she was prominent in her keynote presentation about black holes. 

One time, she was invited to study by the president of the university whose name is Robert C.Robbins and he wrote “I was thrilled to read about your incredible story online and to find out that your dream school is the University of Arizona. “We have many outstanding space sciences programs, you would have many opportunities to work side by side with the world’s leading experts … 

You have a bright future ahead of you, and I hope to welcome you on campus one day as a Wildcat.”. Although Pérez expressed her passion for this invitation, she was difficult on a U.S visa.

People with IQ 162 are really prominent. If you are curious about your IQ score, you can take part in IQ tests on websites to measure your score and plan your development roadmap in the future.

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