All Facts about IQ 158

People with IQ 158 can be satisfied with their level of intelligence, as they both are recognized as ‘Genius’ and are very rare, with a figure of 0.005515719801% of the world population. This article will show you some insights about people who have IQ 158.

I. What does an IQ 158 mean?

Numerous research has been conducted to be the basis for the conclusion that only one in every 18,130 individuals possess an IQ 158. According to the published research report of the website IQ-test.net, the appearance of IQ 158 people is infrequent. 

People with IQ 158 can be satisfied with their level of intelligence, as they both are recognized as ‘Genius’ and are very rare, with a figure of 0.005515719801% of the world population. Emma Watson, the actress who played the beauty in Beauty and the Beast movie, has her IQ stood below 158, meanwhile, the IQ score of Elon Musk, the co-founder of PayPal, is slightly beyond 158.

People with IQ 158 can be satisfied with their level of intelligence, as they both are recognized as ‘Genius’ and are very rare, with a figure of 0.005515719801% of the world population. Emma Watson, the actress who played the beauty in Beauty and the Beast movie, has her IQ stood below 158, meanwhile, the IQ score of Elon Musk, the co-founder of PayPal, is slightly beyond 158.

Besides, they also have logical thinking and that is the reason why IQ 158 talents tend to develop to the orientation of technical occupations such as construction engineering, IT and so on. So what are the features of an IQ score of 158 people?

II. Personalities of IQ 158 owners

1. Creativity is a sign of IQ-of-158 geniuses

Creativity is the process that makes connections between available and new ideas or concepts. A creative mind is not only implementing something in a completely new way, but rather about combining existing concepts from former authors and further ideas from current authors to make work more innovative. 

The process of creativity always occurred in five stages which are based on James Webb Young’s short guide in the book “A Technique for Producing Ideas”. Gather New Material is the first stage which just focuses on 2 things: “learning specific material directly related to your task” and “learning general material by becoming fascinated with a wide range of concepts”. 

Personalities of IQ 158 owners

The second one is called “Thoroughly work over the materials in your mind”. The third and fourth one is called “step away from the problem” and “let your idea return to you” respectively. And the last one is “Shape and develop your idea based on feedback”. People have the personality of creativity, they always find the ways to do everything with the lack of movement as much as possible.

IQ of 158 people also need to practice their creative minds on a regular basis to develop and create new concepts and inventions from available ones.

2. People with IQ 158 are lazy

Scientists researched that the IQ of 158 people are not exceptional in the characteristics of laziness. Referring to a public report from researchers in the Journal of Health Psychology, they proved that lazy people who are less active physically tend to be smarter than others. It means high-IQ geniuses often have the personality of laziness also. 

Researchers have even developed a fancy description for “laziness” as “need for cognition.” People with this trait often see things in a structured and logical way, and enjoy activities that provide strong mental stimulation such as brainstorming puzzles or debating. Data shows that people with high IQs are less bored, causing them to be less active and spend more time thinking. Meanwhile, the group of people who like to exercise feel bored when sitting still and thinking deeply. They can only activate the telescope with active activities such as sports and physical activities.

III. Jobs for IQ 158 people

1. Electrical Engineer 

Many people are aware that engineering is a major which is not easy to work and there are many fields of engineering currently, especially the field of electrical engineering. This asks for a lot of academic knowledge about not only mathematics but also physics. That is the reason why this field often tends to attract many high IQ laborers to apply. Signs of potential electrical engineers are that they really love logical subjects such as mathematics, physics, technical subjects, and so on.

Besides expertise, an electrical engineer also needs to have the following skills:

  • Logical thinking ability

When working as an electrical engineer, you will often have to solve problems related to machines, equipment and details. Therefore, you will need to have skills related to analysis and logical thinking to avoid possible errors.

  • Have good organizational and management skills

Most of your work will often involve working with projects and constructions and needing to coordinate with many other related units. Besides, the workload will also be huge. Therefore, good management and organizational skills will help you arrange your work more appropriately. This will also avoid overlapping work leading to inefficiency and slow progress.

  • Interaction skills

The specifics of the job of electrical engineering is that you will often work with many different partners and departments. Therefore, you need to have good interaction, communication and teamwork skills. This group of skills will help you work more conveniently and effectively.

2. Doctors

To get opportunities to become doctors, high-IQ people must spend many years in universities to acknowledge academic and practical studies and get an entry-level position in hospitals. There are many fields in this occupation such as medical examiners, neurosurgeons, internists, and other majors). Signs of potential doctors in the future are that they are passionate about subjects such as chemistry, mathematics, physics, and especially biology.

A doctor is a profession that requires a high level of expertise as well as a combination of skills to best serve patients.

  • Good at expertise

To become a good doctor, the first requirement is to have a firm grasp of medical knowledge. This profession not only requires each person to have solid knowledge in school but also to continuously update new knowledge even after going to work.

Compared to other training majors such as Social Sciences or Engineering, Medical students will have to study a program lasting 6 years. However, you will have to continuously improve your professional qualifications and this path can last up to 10 years.

  • Communication skills

Doctors often have to exchange information with patients. If the information is not expressed accurately, it will cause serious consequences. Therefore, doctors must have communication skills to convey their meaning clearly to the patient.

  • Listenable

Attentiveness, care, empathy and patience to listen to what patients have to say are essential elements for a Doctor.

  • Professional ethics

Professional ethics are always emphasized in the Doctor's work process.

3. Software engineer

When it comes to occupations that ask for the IQ 158 human resource, the software engineer is an unforgettable job because it requires laborers to have in-depth academic knowledge and logical minds. The main responsibility is to receive requests from companies or customers about making new software or developing available software to update new features in the business management.

Software engineer 158

That is the reason why logical and creative thinking is prior in this field. If children are interested in computers or smartphones to make codes or basic websites, it can be signs of geniuses who love the field of technological information.

Skills needed to become a talented software engineer:

  • Communication skills

You might think that software engineers only specialize in working on computers, so communication skills may not be necessary. However, this view is not really correct. This working skill for software engineers becomes even more important when they need to work with non-technical people.

There will certainly be times when you have to collaborate with people in other departments. Whether you are trying to understand project requirements, or you need to explain to a stakeholder what the requirements can and cannot do, you need to possess communication skills that can help convey things simply. as simple as possible.

In addition, explaining specialized terminology to other non-technical departments or customers, so that they can understand the project as thoroughly as you do, is paramount. Differences in understanding project details will easily lead to unnecessary conflicts and take more time to handle.

  • Curious and eager to learn

Technology is always changing. Anything you learned, even six months ago, can easily become outdated and no longer applicable today. Therefore, the desire to self-study is an essential work skill because it is a continuous process.

Recruiters also note the value of asking questions, whether it's about projects or tasks you're working on, or goals you want to accomplish. Regularly asking questions, whether of colleagues or of yourself, is necessary to lead to improvements in products and technical processes.

Coding is a creative but also highly analytical process. Even if it's a problem you've encountered before, you always need to take the time to see if there's a faster or more effective solution. Regularly looking at old processes with a new perspective and mindset is how you help your product continuously improve.

  • Resolve problems and situations that arise

A programmer's job is mainly to solve a problem through building software and applications. If you want to start your career as a software engineer, you'll quickly realize how important problem-solving ability is.

By identifying the problems your software can solve, you will quickly outline construction ideas, required functions, as well as methods for designing appropriate code.

Besides, agility in problem solving will help you handle arising situations in the fastest time. This working skill is very important to ensure the stability of the product when launched on the market.

4. Coder 

Coder is a name which is used to call IT laborers. They specialize in software development and practical technological software on websites. IT trainees have to undergo serious training courses in technological skills and cultivate a series of in-depth knowledge about techniques. 

There is plenty of fields in this major such as mobile developer, the field of the embedded, web developer, the field of the desktop app and so on. A mobile developer is a coder whose main responsibility is to make code lines to be active on smartphones. The embedded is a field in which coders’ main responsibility is to make technological programs to be active on gadgets such as fridges, air conditioners, television, washing machine, and so on. The embedded site asks IT engineers for acknowledging and cultivating C+, C++ and Java continuously. 

Web development is a field that asks laborers for in-depth knowledge of Java, Python, NodeJS/Node-Red, and PHP. Besides, IT engineers need to cultivate HTML, CSS, and Javascript also if they want to get more jobs and high income as they expect. Beside given job titles, there are a lot of different jobs for IT engineering that enterprises require. If parents have  children with 158 IQ scores and realize their special passion for computers, parents should orient their children to develop a technological information career.

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