All Facts about IQ 157

People achieving IQ 157 are classified to be ‘Genius’, moreover, only 0.007232226803% of individuals living in this world have this level of IQ. By reading this article, we will acquire more knowledge about IQ 157 together.

 I. How good is an IQ 157?

So far, the experts have found out that in every 13,827 people, only 1 person can reach the IQ level of 175. Congratulations, since according to statistics, fewer than 2% of the human population falls into that group. You are gifted and talented, creative and innovative, and have outstanding intellectual abilities.

People achieving IQ 157 are classified to be ‘Genius’, moreover, only 0.007232226803% of individuals living in this world have this level of IQ. Emma Watson, the English actress, has an IQ below 157, while Elon Musk, the well-known CEO, is more intelligent than those who have an IQ equal to 157 points.

People achieving IQ 157 are classified to be ‘Genius’, moreover, only 0.007232226803% of individuals living in this world have this level of IQ. Emma Watson, the English actress, has an IQ below 157, while Elon Musk, the well-known CEO, is more intelligent than those who have an IQ equal to 157 points.

This IQ 157 score comes with a lot of responsibility, which you should be aware of. Being brilliant and unique does not give you the right to believe and behave superior to others, or to acquire a superiority complex. It is your responsibility to use these powers properly and to assist people who are less intelligent.

You were given this wonderful talent as well as several opportunities to excel. It is your responsibility to not blow your opportunities.

Don't let your skills and abilities go to waste. You must recognize and be grateful for your gift. Don't let your laziness, lack of desire, and lack of drive cause you to squander time on little matters when you could and should be doing far more important things.

People like you have been picked and given this gift for a reason. You should do something for the welfare of the earth and the rest of humanity, which lacks your superior cerebral ability.

Choose an area or areas where you will utilize them to improve your life while simultaneously improving the lives of others. Never take your unique gift for granted. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. Use your skills to serve people without expecting anything in return.

Your gift is assurance that you will be well taken care of if you utilize it correctly. There are no guarantees in life, and if you select the incorrect road and start squandering your skills, you may find yourself disillusioned and dissatisfied. Don't let that happen. Take the initiative and begin doing the things for which you were chosen.

II. Jobs are suitable for people with IQ 157

1. Building Engineering Manager

Building Engineering Manager is currently one of the most popular jobs today. This is also the highest position of the building's technical department. For the Building Engineering Manager, they will be the person who manages technical operations, issues related to electricity, and operations to ensure that all activities of the building take place according to the correct procedures. and has high safety. Along with other building technical staff, the work of the department head will play an important role to ensure that residents in the building can live in a stable environment and activities.

Before a building technical department manager can take on this position, they will need to have the professional skills of a building technical staff. This is also an important basis for obtaining the position of department head. To get this position, in addition to professional knowledge and skills, it requires a lot of effort and advancement after a period of working.

Building Engineering Manager not only requires a high level of expertise and experience, but also requires a lot of working attitude and dedication. Therefore, first of all, to do this job, you must be passionate and dedicated to the job.

To become a building technical department manager, you first need to have the capabilities of a technical staff. Only then will we be able to perform the duties of the department head well. You must be knowledgeable about all knowledge related to electricity and water, maintenance systems, fire prevention,...

One important thing that cannot be ignored is leadership and problem-solving skills. A department head needs to be exemplary and have vision so that subordinates will respect and admire him. In addition, work pressure is also quite high, so you must also have the skills to withstand professional pressure.

2. Chief Quality Officer

Quality director is an important job, responsible for managing and ensuring the quality of the company's products and services meet quality standards and requirements. The quality manager is responsible for establishing quality management processes to ensure the product or service can meet quality standards and customer requirements.

This process includes activities such as inspection, evaluation, monitoring and control of factors affecting quality. At the same time, the quality director also needs to ensure the maintenance of the system so that work is done correctly when applied to the entire organization.

The quality manager works to ensure compliance with international quality standards, such as ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP, etc. This includes assessing the current level of compliance of the business and recommending necessary measures. necessary to ensure full and effective compliance.

If any problems are detected in the production and quality control processes, the quality manager should suggest improvement measures. This may include adjusting processes, upgrading technology, improving quality control processes, or providing better training and guidance to employees.

To take on this responsibility, you need to fully gather knowledge, experience, hard and soft skills, and know how to apply all qualities and bravery to best handle the job.

  • Quality assurance and control

A good Quality Director must distinguish between quality control and quality assurance. This is because they understand the importance of both, and have the skills and knowledge to integrate both to Ongoing product quality management. Quality assurance is management through systems and processes. Meanwhile, quality control includes regular inspection, measurement, and corrective action for all situations and problems.

  • Have an implementation plan

Quality managers find value in systems planning, evaluating the technical, practical merits of a quality solution before implementation. This contributes to creating an executable quality plan with steps. Effective directors must have working knowledge, professional planning, and the ability to recognize signs of problems. Key elements of a quality plan include tools needed for materials management, inventory, quality control monitoring processes, and employee training and development.

  • Communication skills

Leaders will have to work and communicate with partners, customers, investors, superiors and employees, so communication skills are indispensable. This helps you achieve high efficiency in persuasion and negotiation.

In addition, the Quality Director also needs to have the ability to adapt quickly, have logical analytical thinking, and be decisive. Quality Director is a 'core' position in every enterprise, they contribute a significant part of their labor to building and improving the quality of products and goods, promoting the economic development of the company. They are the ones who have the role of establishing the direction, vision, and quality goals for the organization, finding breakthrough directions, new plans, and building a corporate quality culture.

III. Famous celebrities own IQ 157

1. Marilyn Vos Savant IQ

Marilyn vos Savant is an American magazine writer who holds the Guinness Book of Records record for the highest recorded intelligence quotient (IQ), a competitive category that the publisher has since abandoned.

Marilyn Vos has a high IQ ranging from IQ 157 to IQ 228. After leaving school, she went into the real estate and stock market. She later married Robert Jarvik, the developer of the Jarvik artificial heart.

Marilyn Vos Savant IQ 157

Guinness highlighted the performance of vos Savant on two intelligence exams, the Stanford-Binet and the Mega Test. At the age of 10, she took the 1937 Stanford-Binet, Second Revision exam. Her first test, she claims, was in September 1956 and tested her mental age at 22 years and 10 months, obtaining a score of 228. This statistic is included in the Guinness Book of World Records, as well as in the biographical portions of her books and in interviews with her.

Guinness reported the second test, Hoeflin's Mega Test, which was conducted in the mid-1980s. The Mega Test produces IQ standard scores by multiplying the subject's normalized z-score, or the rarity of the raw test score, by a constant standard deviation and adding the product to 100, with Hoeflin reporting Savant's raw score to be 46 out of a possible 48, with a 5.4 z-score, and a standard deviation of 16, yielding an 186 IQ. Professional psychologists have criticized the Mega Test for being poorly designed and scored, describing it as "nothing short of numerical pulverization."

Savant views IQ tests as measures of a range of mental capacities and believes that intelligence has so many components that "attempts to quantify it are futile." She has been a member of the Mensa International and the Mega Society high-IQ groups.

Since 1986, she has published "Ask Marilyn," a Sunday column in Parade magazine in which she solves puzzles and answers queries on a variety of subjects, and which popularized the Monty Hall problem in 1990.

She utilizes her column to answer questions on a variety of academic areas, solve logical, mathematical, or lexical challenges presented by readers, respond to advise requests with reasoning, and provide self-created quizzes and puzzles. Aside from the weekly printed column, "Ask Marilyn" is a daily online column that supplements the printed edition by settling disputed responses, fixing typos, extending answers, reposting earlier answers, and answering more inquiries.

Three of her books (Ask Marilyn, More Marilyn, and Of Course, I'm for Monogamy) are collections of questions and answers from "Ask Marilyn." Many of the column's questions and answers are included in The Power of Logical Thinking.

2. Striker Mario Balotelli IQ

Not only is Mario Balotelli an exceptional player on the field, but he is also one of the three football players with the highest IQ today, with an IQ value of up to IQ 157. Balotelli has one of the highest IQ scores among football players in the world. Super Mario Balotelli is often regarded as one of the world's most skilled and costly players.

However, soccer star Mario Balotelli is still seen as a wild horse that is impossible to tame due to his impetuous, mischievous, and undisciplined personality both on and off the field; factors that contribute to his lack of fan love.

Striker Mario Balotelli IQ 157

Guys don't realize that behind those features, Balotelli is one of the most bright people in the world, with a startling IQ of 157. Mario Balotelli is a young and gifted striker. He was born in Palermo, Italy in 1990.

Balotelli made his professional debut in 2005 with Lumezzane before joining Inter Milan in 2007. In 2010, he won the triple (Serie A, Coppa Italia, and Champions League). In 2010, Balotelli rejoined with Inter boss Roberto Mancini at Manchester City, where he helped the club win the Premier League and FA Cup.

In January 2013, he signed for AC Milan before returning to the Premier League with Liverpool 18 months later. Balotelli returned to Milan on loan before heading to France, where he played for Nice and Marseille in Ligue 1.

He returned to Italy for the third time in his career, joining Serie A team Brescia in the summer of 2019 and Serie B club Monza in late 2020. Balotelli joined Turkish club Adana Demirspor the following summer.

Balotelli made his debut for Italy in a friendly against Ivory Coast in 2010. He has almost 30 appearances and has represented his country at UEFA Euro 2012, the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013, and the FIFA World Cup in 2014. He helped his country reach the Euro 2012 final by scoring twice against Germany in the semi-finals, and he also earned bronze in the Confederations Cup. Balotelli is Italy's joint-leading scorer in the UEFA European Championship and the FIFA Confederations Cup.

In his childhood, Balotelli was seen as a highly potential player. He is a dynamic attacker with strength, quickness, and an eye for goal. He is recognized as one of the top penalty takers in the world. 

3. Arsene Wenger IQ

It is not surprising that with his talent, Wenger was nicknamed "The Professor".; in his own words, he reveals where he obtained his keen mind: "There is no greater psychological education than growing up in a bar," he says, "because when you are five or six years old, you are exposed to everything."

Arsene Wenger IQ 157

You meet a variety of characters and learn how vicious they can be to one another. "It is hardly unusual that a five or six-year-old youngster in a small community is always living with adults."

I learnt about tactics and selection from guys in the bar discussing football; who plays on the left flank and who should be in the team."

Arsene Wenger is the longest-serving manager at Arsenal. In the 2004/05 season, he was the only Manager to win the Golden Premier League. He was chosen for the 'Invincible team.' With an IQ 157, he is a true genius.

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