All Facts about IQ 155

Do you know that people with IQ 155 are classified as ‘Genius’, because only 0.012285012285% of the entire population all over the world have their IQ test result comparable to this level. Let us have a deeper view into IQ 155 by reading this post.

I. What does an IQ 155 mean? 

Plenty of analyses conclude that out of 8,140 people, only 1 can satisfy the conditions to achieve the IQ 161 level. IQ 155 would place you in the upper echelons of this society's highly intelligent people.

Individuals possessing an IQ score of 155 are more intelligent than the English actress Emma Watson, but are not comparable to one of the richest men in the world, Elon Musk.

Individuals possessing an IQ score of 155 are more intelligent than the English actress Emma Watson, but are not comparable to one of the richest men in the world, Elon Musk.

To put it in context, the majority of IQ scores range from 40 to 140. The average IQ ranges between 80 and 120. As a result, an IQ of 155 is clearly high. Of course, if your IQ is 155, you already know that 155 is a good score. 

People with an IQ of 155 are very smart. There will be things that they understand very clearly that you are completely oblivious to. If you play them in chess very likely at some point you will discover that you have lost, but you will have no idea how it happened. They will have known that you had lost multiple moves before you noticed. The same thing will be true of multiple aspects in life.

II. Jobs for people having IQ 155

1. Actuary

An actuary is a risk appraiser, this is an important job in the finance and insurance industry. The risk appraiser will calculate, analyze and solve financial and economic issues that affect the business in the future.

Actuary is also a profession with diverse forms of training depending on the country. However, most training processes focus on rigorous learning and testing. The process of training a professional Actuary takes many years to complete.

Their responsibility is to determine risks and profits in the business's investment plans. Each recommendation of a risk assessment expert will greatly affect the development of the business, so you need to be careful.

In the field of insurance, risk appraisers will apply knowledge and experience to determine insurance costs of insurance packages. Depending on the type of insurance, they will consider factors such as natural disasters, diseases, accidents, etc. that affect the contract. From there, estimate the costs for insurance contracts of individuals or businesses.

In addition to calculating the costs that may arise in insurance contracts, they are also responsible for the risks that the business may encounter when operating. They need to calculate the financial disadvantages and come up with optimal solutions for that problem. When operating in the insurance field, Actuaries need to calculate to ensure the interests of the contract owner and the business.

Becoming an Actuary expert is not simple, this profession requires specialists to have many skills:

  • Analytical and problem solving skills

The most basic and important skill for an Actuary is analysis and problem solving. The reason is very simple, the specific job of an Actuary is to evaluate the situation, anticipate risks and come up with solutions. So these basic skills are indispensable.

  • Critical thinking

A risk assessor will be provided with and have access to a huge amount of data and facts. And not all information is useful. Actuaries need to have good critical thinking ability to find ways to access and utilize that information in the most effective way. Everyone must clearly determine what is important, what is not, and how to come up with the best solution.

  • Math skills

Risk analysts always work with numbers, so calculation skills are indispensable. Therefore, quick and accurate calculation skills are required. In addition, Actuaries must also know knowledge related to Actuarial Science, statistical probability, etc. All of these skills will greatly support the working process.

  • Business and financial knowledge

As mentioned, Actuary is the "backbone" of the financial industry, so experts must also have knowledge of finance and business. Knowledge about pensions, insurance, etc. is an indispensable element in the work of a risk appraiser.

  • Communication skills

Not only working on paper, risk appraisers will also have to meet with partners and relevant departments. Therefore, solid communication skills are extremely necessary throughout the work process. Actuaries must have good communication skills to easily convey information to cooperating units.

2. Biotechnology engineer

A biotechnology engineer is a person with expertise in the field of biotechnology. They apply specialized knowledge to research and apply the operating mechanisms of living organisms combined with modern production processes to create biological products. 

Today, biotechnology research results are applied to biological product production processes on an industrial scale, creating a series of useful products for human life and improving productivity in the industry. business, social development and environmental protection.

Biotechnology Engineers are equipped with knowledge related to molecular biology, fermentation technology, experimental biology, tissue culture, genetics, etc. Therefore, they can undertake many different job tasks in pharmaceutical, food, environmental manufacturing companies, facilities, research centers... Some jobs that Biotechnology Engineers often do are: undertake such as:

  • Research and develop new biological products

Based on their professional knowledge, Biotechnology Engineers will analyze and research materials, organisms, mechanisms of action, genetics... to improve the quality of biological products. or develop completely new biological products.

In this job role, Biotechnology Engineers often work in QA, QC departments, product research and development departments, technicians in laboratories, etc. of companies and factories. operating in the field of biotechnology such as food, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine, microbial fertilizers, etc. They can also work at research centers or institutes on plant varieties and livestock…

  • Responsible for receiving technology transfer from the company's partner units

Innovations in the field of biotechnology are often granted certificates of intellectual property rights. For companies operating in the field of biotechnology, issues related to patents and regulations in transfer activities are very important. This requires Biotechnology Engineers to have the necessary knowledge and understanding related to management, economic and legal issues.

  • Manage tasks related to production process management and product quality assurance

Biotechnology Engineers are often responsible for expanding, improving and developing biological product manufacturing processes from laboratory to industrial scale. They are the ones who directly manage product quality, ensuring that the products produced meet quality standards.

Responsible for understanding technical specifications, identifying and supporting the selection of appropriate machinery and equipment for production activities. Participate in the installation and setting of technical specifications for machinery and equipment. Research to improve production techniques and processes to increase product productivity.

In addition, Biotechnology Engineers also coordinate with the technical department to deploy and expand the production of new products.

To become a good Biotechnology Engineer, you master basic and advanced techniques in modern laboratories. Read and understand general documents on biotechnology well, learn to expand professional knowledge and develop professional capacity. Know how to apply knowledge in research and application in a logical and creative way.

In addition, Biotechnology Engineers must also have proficient communication skills, especially good writing ability. Know how to manage work effectively, adapt well to the work environment, have the ability to plan and coordinate work well, have the ability to evaluate and improve professional processes, and have high self-study ability , can work well independently and in groups.

III. Celebrity with IQ 155

1. Lee Byung Hun IQ

Lee Byung Hun IQ

Lee Byung Hun is a famous Korean actor and singer. He is appreciated by critics for his success in many different types of roles. Lee Byung Hun is a strange story in Korean showbiz. It is said that Lee Byung Hun seems to have many qualities of a famous actor. Appearance is not Lee Byung Hun's strength. Unlike his white, scholarly appearance, Lee Byung Hun has a strong, masculine appearance.

He was also not born to play roles that follow the usual emotional motifs or have a bit of "cheesiness" typical of Korean dramas. Lee Byung Hun seemed like a strange case, not blending in with that colorful crowd. Among Kbiz's male artists, Lee Byung Hun's face is considered unique, not conforming to the standards of a handsome man in Korea. People say that there seems to be something "off standard" about Lee Byung Hun.

Until now, everyone thought that artists were people with low intelligence quotients, but Byung Hun was the opposite. Ordinary people's IQ only ranges from 90 to 109. With an IQ of 155, Lee Byung Hun is considered a very smart guy.

In 2000, thanks to the work "Joint Security Area" by famous director Park Chan Wook, the actor's career officially turned a new page. Over time, Lee Byung Hun gradually conquered audiences and major producers with his flexible acting style. In Korea, Lee Byung Hun is one of the few male artists to achieve great success in both film and television.

The actor's most famous works include One for All, Masquerade, Iris... The actor born in 1970 also "caught the eye" of famous producers from the film capital of Hollywood, quickly became one of the Asian artists who made a name for themselves here with masterpieces like "G.I.Joe, Terminator, Red 2"...

In addition, Lee Byung Hun is also known as the founder of BH Entertainment - the company that manages a series of A-list stars such as Han Ga In, Han Hyo Joo, Han Ji Min, Kim Go Eun... It is known that the actor The employee sold the company to Kakao M, earning a huge amount of money. In September 2018, Kakao M purchased 30% of BH's shares. In early 2019, Kakao M completed purchasing the remaining shares for 18.9 billion won (equivalent to 360 billion VND).

2. Dr. Agasa Hiroshi IQ (Conan anime)

Agasa Hiroshi, the closest doctor to Shinichi Kudo's family, is ranked ninth with an IQ of 155. He was the first to give Shinichi the confidence he needed to explain that he had been shrunk by the dark organization APTX 4869. (Apotoxin 4869).

Agasa is a middle-aged man with a slightly overweight frame. He appears to be older than his actual age because he is bald on top of his head and has silver hair on the rest of his head. He has thick brows, a mustache, and a slightly bulbous nose. He wears round glasses and is frequently seen dressed in lab attire.

He lives next door to Shinichi. He makes a living off of his inventions and games, despite the fact that some of them are disastrous or useless. He has known Shinichi and Ran since they were children. He was the first to learn about Shinichi's encounter with the black organization, and he was the one who persuaded Shinichi to stay with Ran. He had an idea to send Edogawa Conan to Teitan Elementary School to make his existence more believable and real.

Dr. Agasa Hiroshi IQ (Conan anime)

Agasa Hiroshi, who appeared in the first volume after Shinichi Kudo shrunk, left an indelible impression on all Conan readers with his large fat body and "worn" features reminiscent of physicist Albert Einstein.

Who says only those who can solve crimes are intelligent? Detective Conan is, without a doubt, a detective series, but there are various types of intelligence to be appreciated in this series. Professor Agasa has created a number of gadgets that will assist Conan in carrying out his detective work in the dark. As a result, Conan is able to establish his new identity while also concealing his true identity!

Dr. Agasa Hiroshi, who has an IQ of 155, has built and invented thousands of machines, video games, robots, and, of course, "Secret Weapons" who have fought alongside Conan. Fight against vicious criminals such as: power-enhancing shoes, voice-changing bows, locating glasses, anesthesia watches, fax machines and lunch boxes, locating detective badges, elastic pants belts, earring phone, shading belt, super speed snowboard, and so on.

His demeanor is upbeat and friendly, and he appears to be a caring and outgoing individual. He is extremely proud of his inventions. He has a high intellect, and while he created some useless gadgets, he has a high degree of invention, and not all of his inventions are failures.

He is particularly proud of his inventions, and their quality must have been recognized because they have already been used at official events. Despite the fact that he is a bachelor, he is very paternal and enjoys the company of the Detective Boys. Agasa is particularly fond of pasta and tomato juice.

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