All Facts about IQ 153

The intelligence quotient is the standardized method which is applied to measure your ability of the brilliant mind which compares to other people the same age as you. An IQ score of 100 indicates that you are the same as ordinary people in terms of intelligence and this also is the average score of the majority of IQ testing attendees.

So, have you ever been curious about how IQ score of 153 people look? The below article will show you information about them.

I. What does IQ 153 indicate?

According to the statistics of the website iq-test.net, IQ-test-of-153 takers are in the range of over 145 scores and this group only occupies 0.00042% of test-takers. It indicates the quantity of IQ-153 people is small and unpopular. Furthermore, scientists report that they are extremely intelligent and logical in their minds. 

What does IQ 153 indicate?

That is the reason why they often select logical and high-level occupations such as IT engineering, construction engineering, university professor and so on. Besides, their personalities are so abnormal that the success approaches them in an easier way also.

II. Thomas Jefferson - United States president with an IQ of 153

Jefferson who owned an IQ score of 153 served for the American authority as the third president in the 8-year period from 1801. Formerly, he was the second vice president of the American government under the leader John Adams and the first American secretary of state in the White House. 

Jefferson’s full name was Thomas Jefferson. He was born in 1743Jefferson was the third of ten children in the family which lived in Shadwell Plantation, U.S. Although Thomas was birthed in America, his family had descent from Britain and that is the reason why he possibly speaks Welsh beside English. Thomas’s father is Peter Jefferson who married Ms.Jane Randolph - Thomas’s mother was a surveyor and planter. In 1745, his family resided in Tuckahoe Plantation. Thomas’s father took him to an English school when he was five years old and entered a Scottish school of a Presbyterian minister 4 years later. During he was learning how to ride horses, he started to learn popular foreign languages like Latin, French and Greek at that time. 

Thomas Jefferson - United States president with an IQ of 153

He was taught by the Reverend James Maury who was a prominent educator in Virginia at the end of the 1750s. Thomas studied science, history, and the classics while residing with Maury’s family. He visited Williamsburg and became a guest of Colonel Dandridge - father of Martha Washington. During Jefferson’s time in Williamsburg, he made a close-knit relationship with Patrick Henry whereby their sharing of interest in violin playing. Jefferson studied metaphysics, philosophy, and mathematics at the College of William & Mary under the direct teaching of William Small in Virginia when he was the age of 16. This young student acquired the outstanding ideas of John Locke, Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon under the education of Small and Small introduced him to his colleagues, Francis Fauquier and George Wythe. All three of them were surprised at Jefferson’ability of multi-field intellectual and Jefferson said he "heard more common good sense, more rational & philosophical conversations than in all the rest of my life". 

He seriously put himself into the framework of studying 15 hours per day after his party times. He started to improve his Greek and French and practice his ability to play violin concurrently. Jefferson was a well-read talent after his the-year-of-1762 graduation when he read and research a wide range of English works which includes philosophy, politics, law, history and several subjects in science. Throughout professor Wythe’s watchful supervision, he was impressed by Jefferson’s ability to acknowledge the amount of macro intellectual and he decided to bequeath his total library to this genius student. In 1765, Thomas’s sister Martha got married to his friend Dabney Carr but unfortunately, an unexpected death happened to her at the juvenile age of 25, and Jefferson expressed his feeling-oriented loss in his farewell epitaph which was written in Latin. The year 1770 was an eventful one in his life when his Shadwell home burned and fired a library of the volume 200 books that were amassed from Jefferey’s youth time inherited from his father. 

After undergoing that incident, Jefferey sold the second library to the U.S authority and started to pay off his large debt of over $4,000 to John Barnes and $10,500 to William Short. He used the rest portion to set up the Library of Congress collection. He also began to build a new library which was based on his favorites in his years of death and it had increased to over 2,000 volumes 10 years later.

In the life of this IQ-153 genius, he devoted himself to the U.S government in various fields such as law, philosophy, architecture and especially his abilities in diplomatic relations set-up and political stating.

III. Jobs for IQ 153 owners

1. Agricultural Scientist

If people have high IQ scores and their favorite subjects are biology, chemistry and physics, this occupation is the one you can not reject because agricultural science is the field that requires IQ-of-153 laborers to be prominent in those specialized subjects. This job’s duties are to design and conduct biological and chemical experiments to improve the sustainable productivity of field harvesting and farm animals. Besides, scientists also research unavailable formulas for comestible products in producing processes. 

Agricultural Scientist iq 153 job

Sometimes, they must travel to strange zones to oversee and evaluate the capacity to implement their new agricultural projects. According to the survey on the website bls.gov, they published that the median pay was $74,160 per year for this occupation in 2021 and the minimum education level for newbies is a bachelor’s degree.

2. Accountants and Auditors

This occupation is surely the well-chosen opportunity for IQ 153 talents who have logical minds. Responsibilities are to supervise and evaluate bottom lines to ensure the calculated data is exact perfectly and complies with the authorized regulations. Additionally, they must work with the government tax department to pay off owed taxes and other tasks to ensure the tax was paid on time and properly. Formerly, their work is to organize, calculate and analyze financial records at the end of the financial year and prepare for the new financial one. Suggesting reducing operation costs, growing revenues from the business, and improving the company’s profits are also unforgettable duties. The average salary rates were $77,250 per year and around $37,14 per hour in 2021. 

The preparation for this occupation is the high-level education, new-entry laborers must study and complete bachelor’s degrees and other certificates such as Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Analyst, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Chartered Certified Accountants, and so on.

3. Technical Education Teachers

This job’s responsibilities are to apply the teacher’s available knowledge and experience to create lesson plans and instruct their studying attendees on the way to develop skills in certain fields such as electrical engineering, construction engineering, software engineering, and so on. In addition to theoretical knowledge, technical education teachers also teach their students practical lessons through hands-on activities. Finally, they will supervise and evaluate their student’s skillfulness in certain majors to support them to develop further. 

Technical Education Teachers job for iq 153

The median salary rate was $61,160 per year. Besides, the requirement for less-than-5-year engineers is a bachelor’s degree from the official education programs such as universities, colleges or career, and technical education centers. 

If you want to know whether you have an IQ score of 153, you can join IQ tests on websites IQ-test.net to measure your intelligence quotient. Thence, you can be easy to create your career development roadmap in the future.  

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