All Facts about IQ 143

IQ 143 owners are believed, by the experts, to be in the ‘high intelligence’ group, and to account only 0.207039337474% of the world’s population. To understand deeper, please read the post below.

I. What does IQ 143 indicate?

Only one person in every 483 people is able to achieve an IQ 143 is what scientists found in recent research. . This data shows that talents who have an IQ 143 score are unpopular and it would be no exaggeration to say they are superior and intelligent. 

IQ 143 owners are believed, by the experts, to be in the ‘high intelligence’ group, to account only 0.207039337474% of the world’s population.

IQ 143 owners are believed, by the experts, to be in the ‘high intelligence’ group, to account only 0.207039337474% of the world’s population.

People with an IQ 143 are, on the one hand, not as clever as the South African billionaire Elon Musk, but on the other hand, they are slightly more intelligent than the British star Emma Watson.

Scientists proved that high IQ geniuses are often prominent in particular aspects and especially in their passionate fields such as biological research, physics invention, mathematical formula development and so on. They do what they really love and Albert Einstein is an example. He was very passionate about the field of physics. That is the reason why he devoted his own physical inventions and theories to this industry and his reputation was also common all over the world.

These people tend to select fields which orientate creativity and logical minds more than other skills. Therefore, they often choose technical occupations such as engineer, doctor, professor, financial specialist and so on.

II. Meryl Streep - Celebrity with IQ 143

According to the report on the website definition.org, Meryl’s reported IQ quotient was 143. In her career, she has received 356 nominations and 172 acting awards as of 2019.

Meryl’s full name is Mary Lousie Streep. She was born June 22, 1949, in Summit, New Jersey, U.S. Meryl was well-known as “the best actress of her generation” and her prominent features are her accent, adaptability, and versatility in the movie industry. 

Meryl Streep - Celebrity with IQ 143

She is the daughter of Harry William Streep, Jr who was of Swiss and German descent, and artist Mary Wilkinson Streep. Harry William Streep III and Dana David Streep are her younger brothers. Meryl’s mother compared her to the actress Dame Judi Dench in terms of both manner and appearance and encouraged her when Meryl was at a young age. 

Meryl said, “She was a mentor because she said to me, 'Meryl, you're capable. You're so great.', 'You can do whatever you put your mind to. If you're lazy, you're not going to get it done. But if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.'”. 

Meryl was a junior high school student in the Oak Street School and played a role in the play The Family Upstairs at that time. Meryl’s family moved to another town, Bernardsville in New Jersey and she started to attend Bernards High School. She was chosen to sing at a school event at the age of 12. She was a cheerleader for the Bernards High School Mountaineers and was selected as the homecoming queen.

Even though she played roles in huge plays in school, she was not keen on serious theater. In 1969, she gained the attention of the school audience when playing the role of Miss Julie at her college, Vassar. In 1971, she graduated with a BA and applied to the Yale School of Drama for an MFA. While studying at Yale, she worked as a typist and waitress to supplement course fees. 

Besides, she also played roles in plenty of stage productions per year from Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream to an 80-year-old character in a comedy. She was a student of choreographer Carmen de Lavallade and another teacher was Robert Lewis who was a co-founder of the Actors Studio. She received the MFA in 1975. In 1970, she also attended as a visiting student at Dartmouth College and received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree in 1981. 

She has set plenty of records which include the Golden Globe Award with 32 nominations and 8 wins, and the Academy Award with 21 nominations and 3 wins. She has been given 2 British Academy Film Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, and 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards. In 1976, Meryl made her debut for the first time in Trelawny of the Wells and was nominated for the Tony Award for 27 Wagons Full Of Cotton and A Memory of Two Mondays. 

The first film that Streep has ever played in was Julia in 1977 and she was awarded a Primetime Emmy Award one year later in the miniseries Holocaust and nominated for the first Oscar award for the film The Deer Hunter. She starred as a troubled wife in Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979 and played a Holocaust role in Sophie’s Choice in 1982. 

One of her most successful films in terms of the commercial was Out of Africa in 1985 and her work was often given critical praise and her awards also increased at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s.

Her prominent films can be listed as The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981), Out of Africa (1985), One True Thing (1998), Ironweed (1987), Evil Angels (1988), The Bridges of Madison County (1995), Music of the Heart (1999), Silkwood (1983), Florence Foster Jenkins (2016), Adaptation (2002), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Postcards from the Edge (1990), Doubt (2008),  August: Osage County (2013), Into the Woods (2014) và Julie & Julia (2009).

III. Suitable jobs for IQ 143 people

1. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers are scientists who research and develop molecules, active principles and chemical-related products for market application. A chemical engineer is someone who knows a lot about science and has the ability to apply knowledge of chemistry alongside other engineering disciplines. These engineers will participate in the invention and application of innovative products in product production, quality testing, and product commercialization.

Chemical engineers are laborers who apply their specialized knowledge such as biology, physics, math and chemistry to solve their work. Often, they will solve available production processes of food, drug or more which directly affect the environment by using chemicals.

Chemical Engineering iq 143 job

Referring to the published statistics of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these laborers often work in laboratories and offices. Chemical engineers’ duties are to use their knowledge to develop, complete and evaluate chemical processes to create new products which aim to commercialize.

According to the published report of the website enhu.edu, the medium salary rate was $108,540 in 2020. 

2. Professor 

Professor or Professor is the highest rank in the academic hierarchy of a university, educational institution, research and writing center in most countries around the world. Literally, the word Professor comes from the Latin word "person who professes" meaning an expert who has in-depth knowledge of an art or science, or is a highly qualified lecturer. Sometimes the title of professor is considered a title that evaluates a person's qualities.

Aerospace Engineer job for 143 iq

Professor’s responsibilities are to teach their students advanced academic and specialized knowledge which is based on available programs of the university. Additionally, professors also support them to build and research their specialized dissertations such as the fields of economics, biology, computer science, physics, chemistry and so on. Also, high-level professors are often appointed to important positions in universities (president of the department, vice president of the department, head of a section and so on).

3. Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer can be understood as a multi-disciplinary engineer such as an aircraft engineer, a rocket engineer or an engineer who studies space devices such as satellites or spacecraft. They can specialize in a specific field such as propulsion, electronic systems or aerodynamics, materials and structures... They are people who apply scientific and technological principles and laws to research, designs and develops, maintains and tests space equipment such as satellites, rockets, civil and military aircraft, and space vehicles. They also work with the components that make up the aircraft or systems mentioned above.

As an aerospace engineer, you must research, design, develop, manufacture, test and modify, and maintain aircraft, spacecraft, components, systems and related technologies. According to BLS’s 2020 report, the medium salary rate in this field is $118,610. Aerospace Engineers are responsible for designing aircraft, satellites, spacecraft and missiles. Besides, they also create and evaluate prototypes because they need to make sure that they act properly to meet the standard quality.

4. Finance

Finance is understood as the industry related to coordinating cash flow management, budget investments related to capital and assets in businesses. This field has been developing very strongly, so the demand for labor recruitment continues to increase, especially for positions requiring high qualifications.

When it comes to fields which ask for a logical mind, the field of finance is one of them because laborers need to be good at calculating, predicting and other skills to practice their work properly. Some available positions in this field that companies would like to hire are financial specialists, quantitative analysts, securities traders, financial planners, financial analysts, economic analysts and so on.

In conclusion, the above article gave you information about the IQ of 143 people. If parents do not know how much their children's IQ score is, parents can take them to educational centers or introduce them to join online IQ tests on websites to measure the IQ score. Therefore, it will be easy for parents to make a development roadmap for children in the future.

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