All Facts about IQ 123

An IQ of 123 means you belong to the “Clever “ group in the IQ classification, corresponding to 6.188% of the world’s population.

I. What does an IQ of 123 mean? 

According to the WAIS-IV scale, an IQ score this high falls into the category of superior intellect. IQ 123’s ratio is 1 in 16 people will possess this IQ level, which is pretty rare.

IQ 123 is in the middle group and 8 points higher compared to Joe Biden’s IQ (IQ 115).

IQ 123 is in the middle group and 8 points higher compared to Joe Biden’s IQ (IQ 115). 

WAIS-IV is the current fourth edition of the test, with the next version due in 2020. IQ 123 is considered 'above average' by several other measures. In any event, it is considered a high score, falling between 120 and 129.

What does this range indicate? This high score, IQ 123, correlates to an MA degree in terms of achievement and academic life.

It suggests that someone with such a high score is capable of doing significant, sophisticated theoretical methods and scientific study. He or she may be able to draw some novel findings and grasp complex ideas.

With IQ 123, you can keep up with things and process knowledge quickly. You have the ability to connect things and overall understand good concepts at a high level. Capable of expressing what you require.

People with an IQ of 123 may seek further education and employment connected to their academic achievements. If you were wondering, an IQ 123 score does not qualify you for Mensa. People frequently inquire whether their grade was "good".

Well, an IQ of 123 is a good result in terms of one's intellectual development and success in life, both academically and professionally.

It is entirely dependent on one's unique experience to determine if it is 'good' or 'bad' in one's specific circumstance. Some argue that a high score has simply brought them concerns and boredom, but others chased lofty objectives and accomplished what they wanted, ready to put their intelligence to use. 

It is recommended that someone with an IQ of 123 use their intellectual abilities to the best of their ability.

You don't have to aim to be a famous scientist or anything else if it's not in your character. The issue we all face is determining the purpose of our lives, and while a high IQ can help you recognize the possibilities, you must still force yourself to select the proper route.

However, persons with higher scores really think more than the typical intellectual person. As a result, fill your clever mind with topics that fascinate you and put your abilities to use.

II. Astronomer - Great job fit your IQ 123

Physicists and astronomers explore how different types of matter and energy interact. Theoretical physicists and astronomers (suitable jobs for people with IQ 123) may investigate the genesis of the universe or the nature of time. Physicists and astronomers should also have the following characteristics:

Astronomer - Great job fit your IQ 123

1. Communication skills

Physicists and astronomers convey their findings to the public, at scientific conferences, or to government and corporate executives. Technical reports written by physicists and astronomers may be published in scientific publications. They also draft research funding requests.

Furthermore, communication skills are classified as interpersonal skills and transferable skills. They are general abilities that may prepare you for a wide range of education, research, and career opportunities. Verbal and written communication, teamwork, time management, computer abilities, and assessment skills are some examples.

2. Analytical skills

This 123 IQ job necessitates the analysis of information and the use of reasoning to handle work-related concerns and problems. To carry out scientific experiments and investigations, physicists and astronomers must be able to reason rationally. They must be exact and accurate in their analysis, or their study will be invalidated. They must also be able to efficiently locate and utilize money.

3. Problem-solving skills

Physicists and astronomers address hard scientific challenges through scientific observation and analysis: To tackle these complicated scientific challenges, creative thinking may be required; identifying complex problems and examining associated material to develop and assess possibilities and execute solutions.

4. Critical-thinking skills

Physicists and astronomers must carefully examine their own and others' work. They must decide if the data and conclusions are scientifically sound. They can recognize the merits and limitations of alternate solutions, conclusions, or approaches to issues by employing logic and reasoning.

III. Celebrities with IQ 123

1. Anderson Cooper IQ

Anderson Hays Cooper, who is known as a famous person with IQ 123, is a political pundit and television journalist from the United States. He is the principal host of CNN's news program Anderson Cooper 360°. Cooper works as a correspondent for CBS News' 60 Minutes in addition to his job at CNN.

Anderson Cooper IQ 123

Cooper, who was born in Manhattan into the Vanderbilt family, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University in 1989. He began traversing the world as a young journalist, taking videos of war-torn countries for Channel One News. Cooper was hired as a journalist by ABC News in 1995, but he quickly moved on to other positions throughout the network, including a stint as a co-anchor, reality game show presenter, and fill-in morning talk show host.

According to The New York Times, Cooper came out as homosexual in 2012, becoming "the most renowned openly gay journalist on American television" at the time. Cooper was the first gay person to mediate a presidential debate in 2016, and he has garnered multiple honors from the LGBT rights group GLAAD.

2. John Kerry IQ

Forbes, John Kerry has an IQ 123 who is an American lawyer, politician, and diplomat who serves as the country's first special presidential envoy for climate change, and was considered having IQ 123. He was the 68th United States Secretary of State under Barack Obama, and a member of the Forbes family and the Democratic Party. Kerry rose to prominence as a distinguished navy commander and Vietnam veteran who became an anti-war campaigner.

 John Kerry IQ 123

He went on to become a county prosecutor, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, and United States Senator representing Massachusetts from 1985 to 2013. In the 2004 presidential election, he was the Democratic nominee, but he lost to incumbent President George W. Bush.

In 1972, Kerry ran for the Democratic nomination for the United States House of Representatives in Massachusetts' 5th congressional district. Kerry won the Democratic primary but was beaten by his Republican opponent in the general election. While studying at the Boston College School of Law, he worked as a radio talk show presenter in Lowell and as the executive director of an advocacy organization.

Kerry received the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 2004, along with North Carolina Senator John Edwards. Kerry was nominated by President Barack Obama to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in January 2013, and was approved by his Senate colleagues by a vote of 94 to 3. From 2013 to 2017, he served as Secretary of State in the Obama administration's second term.

Kerry remained involved in public affairs after the Obama administration ended in January 2017 as a strong opponent of Obama's successor, President Donald Trump, from 2017 until 2021. Kerry returned to government in January 2021, becoming the first person in Biden's administration to assume the new office of U.S. special presidential envoy on climate.

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