All Facts about IQ 118

An IQ of 118 means you belong to the “Clever” group in the IQ classification, corresponding to 11.393% of the world’s population. 

I. What does an IQ of 118 mean? 

It would be something to be proud of if you had an IQ of 118 because only 1 in 8 of us have this IQ level. 

What does an IQ 118 mean?

An IQ of 118 is considered quite high. On the Wechsler scale, it is classified as High Average. This score bestows high potential on the individual and allows them to attain achievement with little effort. If you have an IQ of 118, you are in the intellectual group and in the top 14% of the world population.

This IQ level is capable of a wide range of academic subjects and frequently finds success in their chosen field. They have few issues in regular life and can address them quickly.

This IQ 118 score, however, does not ensure this person's success. This IQ provides the person with  the potential for success, but it does not guarantee that this potential will be realized.

If this individual lacks ambition, drive, objectives, work habits, and a desire to succeed, his or her IQ will be meaningless and will keep the person in the category of ordinary performers.

It's a good IQ where you can effectively lead the majority of people while not being too different or having the issues that come with a higher IQ. You can achieve whatever you want and be successful if you put in enough effort. Read a lot of books at this age - books about practical matters, like economics or building, can help you prepare for the future or teach you essential skills.

You must acquire knowledge. If you put in any effort, your higher-than-average IQ should help you learn things more readily. If you merely sit back and think, "I have a higher than- average IQ," someone with a lower IQ will put in more effort and outperform you.

When it comes to the majority of things in life, attitude trumps aptitude. Employers, regardless of IQ, would typically prefer someone who works hard and is attentive and passionate over someone who can't be bothered.

You should also focus on your social skills, because people with higher-than-average IQs sometimes struggle with these, and they are typically quite crucial for how your future life will turn out.

II. Two great jobs fit your IQ 118

1. Public relations executive

People with an IQ of 118 should consider working as a public relations executive. Public relations is one of the businesses who has seen significant changes in recent years. Working in public relations is as trendy as it has ever been, thanks to current technology, greater connection, and social media. PR professionals that have maintained certain aspects of effective PR have successfully navigated the changes and refined their abilities along the way.

Public relations executive 118 iq job

1.1 Relationship building

In your daily life, you take and return phone calls from individuals you know (and like); the same is true in public relations. In public relations, relationships are everything. One of the primary goals of the profession is to form long-term relationships with customers and the broader public.

Thus, success in public relations is dependent on a professional's ability to establish rapport and overcome communication gaps through quality dialogues and personal interactions. Because so much is dependent on connections and people skills, PR professionals must be responsive, helpful, professional, and personable. These qualities are necessary for success.

1.2 Knowledge

Nobody in technology Relationships alone may propel PR. Of course, it's crucial, but it's part of the entire effort to keep current on your market, competitors, goods, services, and consumers, allowing you to satisfy the demands of journalists and analysts. A successful career in public relations necessitates that a professional have a thorough understanding of the product they are marketing, since this is what makes them important to customers, journalists, analysts, and anyone else looking for knowledge.

You may make it in public relations by just building great contacts, but if you want to make it out of the bullpen one day, start by learning about your products and services. If you work for a tech business, for example, make an effort to learn about the latest products on the market, client preferences, and rival actions.

1.3 Strong writing

Storytelling is an art, and public relations professionals must constantly ensure that their writing is immaculate, brief, correct (avoiding errors that may be multiplied tremendously online), deliberate, and, most importantly, well-thought-out. In addition, before pitching or publishing anything, every conceivable follow-up question should be answered.

Although the term "content generation" has recently taken on a broader connotation, the basis of public relations remains highly based on the creative articulation of information. Above-average writing abilities are thus required in public relations. With your colleagues and clients requesting anything from immaculate press releases to fascinating blog articles, you should be able to present your stories and ideas in the most innovative, faultless, concise, and accurate manner possible.

1.4 Awareness

A smart public relations professional is involved in the world and keeps up with news in the customers' sectors as well as current events, trends, and changes in our own "business." This entails comprehending social media and its repercussions. The objective of public relations is to draw the outside in as well as the inside out. We must assist our clients in understanding how their work fits into a wider framework so that they may effectively engage in larger dialogues about their concerns, causes, or products.

The ultimate purpose of public relations is to put a company or organization on the correct track to success. While it's easy to get lost in the social realm of public relations, it's critical not to lose sight of your position in the company's success. Before acting, a smart public relations professional would consider if the targeted outcome contributes to the larger picture of corporate advancement.

2. Advertising executive

Advertising executives are in charge of developing and implementing marketing strategies for their firm or client. This IQ 118 job requires the following talents to be successful:

Advertising executive iq 118 job

2.1 Strategic thinking and researching ability

The capacity to determine the optimal course of action to attain a goal is referred to as strategic thinking. Identifying the most successful marketing channels to reach a specific demographic or deciding the best technique to persuade a consumer to make a purchase are examples of this. Strategic thinking may also aid in the development of effective advertising strategies that satisfy company objectives.

Furthermore, researching is the capacity to find knowledge about a subject. This might involve learning about a specific audience or learning about the most recent marketing trends. This ability can assist you in developing effective campaigns and ensuring that you are using the most up-to-date information.

2.2 Communication

The act of sharing knowledge with others is known as communication. Because you frequently need to explain information to customers, coworkers, and other stakeholders as an advertising executive, effective communication is crucial. Many elements of your profession need communication skills, such as preparing proposals, communicating with clients, and negotiating contracts.

2.3  Creativity 

The capacity to develop fresh ideas and solutions is referred to as creativity. This is a crucial ability for advertising executives to have since it helps them to create distinctive and interesting campaigns. Creativity can also help you build more successful techniques than your competition.

III. George Washington - Celebrity with IQ 118

George Washington was an American military soldier, politician, and Founding Father who served as the country's first president from 1789 until 1797. As commander of the Continental Army, Washington led the Patriot troops to victory in the American Revolutionary War and served as president of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, which established the United States Constitution and the American federal government. Washington has been dubbed the "Father of the Nation" for his exemplary leadership throughout the country's formative years.

George Washington - Celebrity with IQ 118

Washington possessed extraordinary leadership abilities. If you watch him attentively, his capacity to persuade people is absolutely mind-boggling. Anyone who wishes to learn about leadership should thoroughly research George Washington. And his grasp of leadership was no accident. He was more than a leader: he was a leader's pupil. Washington was also well-known for his self-reflection and purposeful effort to improve himself by limiting his own personality defects.

Washington's assiduous study of leadership belies the reality that he was considerably more intellectual (IQ 118) than he is frequently credited for. George Washington began to teach himself via reading and experimenting to supplement his lessons. Three main influences shaped Washington's quest for self-improvement in his youth.

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