All Facts about IQ 117

An IQ of 117 means you belong to the “Clever” group in the IQ classification, corresponding to 12.726% of the world’s population. 

I. What does an IQ of 117 mean?

IQ 117 is quite common because 1 in 7 people will have this IQ level.

IQ 117 is in the middle group, higher than Joe Biden’s IQ and quite far from Barack Obama’s IQ. (IQ 140)

This IQ 117 demonstrates a person's ability to perform a variety of tasks and manage everyday problems with ease. It is likely that the individual will not have difficulty completing academic courses that will allow them to live a comfortable and easy life.

However, without any activity on their part, this IQ 117 does not ensure success. If a person lacks ambition, procrastinates, postpones their duties, lacks focus, and has a general idea about their future, it is likely that their potential will go untapped, and they may end up living in far worse conditions than some other people with less intellectual capacity but more ambition and will to succeed.

It is critical not to take these qualities for granted and expect them to suffice. Success takes planning, dedication, and hard work. It does not have to be a battle, but some action is essential. Sitting at home and taking IQ exams to prove how brilliant you are will not suffice.

You must go out there and fight for your ambitions. You were born with this IQ, and you already have an edge that other people do not. Don't squander it, and express your gratitude by making the most of it.

II. Two great jobs fit your IQ 117

1. Software Engineer

Software developers, the ideal job for IQ 117, are in charge of creating the programs we use every day. It is a highly skilled position that necessitates an extensive understanding of coding, development tools, and engineering ideas.

Software engineer job for iq 117

1.1 Good Communication Skills and Empathy

Because programming is a linguistic talent, being a good communicator is inextricably linked to being a successful developer. In fact, skilled offshore developers typically speak more than one language in addition to English. You must be able to ask the proper questions, comprehend concepts without the need for a written specification document, and transform issues into theories and theories into logical solutions.

Furthermore, it is critical that you convey your thoughts and points of view to others in a clear and effective manner. Harmony is facilitated through effective team communication. You should also be an excellent listener. Remember not to interrupt people when they are speaking.

Furthermore, as a software engineer, you should be able to put yourself in the shoes of others. This might assist you in understanding the issues and obstacles that your team is facing. For example, while providing feedback to a team member, you should consider their point of view. You should be able to sympathize with your users as well. This will assist you in understanding their requirements.

1.2 Technical Experience 

Great developers have deep and extensive experience, as well as a strong understanding of best practices such as agile development, task management systems such as Jira and Trello, version control, and working in a variety of contexts.

Technology-related sectors move quickly. This is especially true in the function of a software engineer. As old strategies alter and adapt, you should be willing to learn new ones. Adapting to new ways might be difficult at times. You should be able to respond positively to difficulties, criticism, and remarks.

1.3 Problem-Solving

Every work has problems and obstacles. What matters is how you address them. The idea is to approach them objectively. Rather than blaming others, your goal should be to discover answers. During the employment process, recruiters search for this attribute in a candidate.

1.4 Teamwork

Good developers are not just concerned with their own advancement, but also with the advancement of other developers. They are willing to teach, answer questions, and provide documentation that benefits teammates in their company as well as the larger developer community.

Working in groups will necessitate interpersonal skills. You should be able to tolerate criticism, appreciate your coworkers, listen to their points of view, sympathize with them, and communicate with them. These characteristics will help you to be an excellent team member.

2. Economist

An economist is an expert who studies the relationship between a society's resources and its production or output. 

Economist iq 117 job

Three characteristics below are needed for this IQ 117 job:

2.1. Math techniques

Math is used by economists to seek patterns in data, anticipate economic circumstances, and devise and evaluate policies. If you excelled in math in school, you would most likely excel at economics. At the same time, keep in mind that you will study and improve your arithmetic abilities throughout your studies.

Some of the arithmetic formulae may not make perfect sense until they are applied. One of the greatest ways to properly grasp these abilities is to use your math knowledge, such as by gathering and analyzing your own data in your own research project. This is when you'll realize how valuable and strong your math abilities are.

2.2 Good education and problem-solving

Economists must be effective communicators. If you want politicians to listen to your policy ideas, you must be able to clearly and accurately explain your analysis and argument! If you have a talent for writing, you will find it highly beneficial in economics.

If you enjoy problem solving, this is also an important component of economics. Many economists work in consulting or advising positions, which entail developing solutions to assist businesses in meeting their goals and obligations. You might work on formulating business strategies, directing investment decisions, providing policy suggestions for the government, or assisting non-profits and community organizations in reaching their outreach objectives.

2.3 Interested in philosophy and human 

If you are interested in people and human behavior, you will find economics engaging and thrilling. After all, economics is the study of people, how they make decisions, and how they respond to policy settings. An interest in psychology – and getting inside people's thoughts to understand what makes them believe – will serve you well in economics.

If you're interested in philosophy and ideological thought, you'll find this an interesting aspect of economics as well. Although economists use data and facts to make sense of what is going on in the world, distinct ideological positions may occasionally serve as a backdrop for directing policy decisions. Here's where a passion for government and politics might enhance your study in economics. Indeed, many politicians have economic backgrounds — and Parliament would undoubtedly benefit from more economists!

III. Gene Simmons - Celebrity with IQ 117

Everyone recognizes Gene Simmons’ IQ 117 since we both know Gene Simmons has the finest business brain. Gene Simmons is an Israeli-American singer-songwriter and musician. He is the bassist and co-lead vocalist of Kiss, the rock band he co-founded in the early 1970s with Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss. He is also known by his stage name The Demon.

Gene Simmons - Celebrity with IQ 117

When he was a youngster, Simmons joined his first band, Lynx, which was later renamed the Missing Links. He eventually disbanded the band to establish the Long Island Sounds, a pun on Long Island Sound. While he was in these bands, he took odd jobs on the side to supplement his income, including trading secondhand comic books. In Loch Sheldrake, New York, Simmons attended Sullivan County Community College. He formed a new band called Bullfrog Bheer, and the group made a demo called "Leeta," which was subsequently featured on the Kiss box set.

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