All Facts about IQ 103

Your IQ is a measure of how intelligent you are. What if your IQ test score is IQ 103? Are you a genius or simply a regular guy? 

I. What does an IQ 103 mean? 

Human intelligence has been described in a variety of ways, and it is still uncertain what intelligence should be called in the first place. The concept of IQ scores is frequently misinterpreted and misapplied.

What does an IQ 103 mean?

The average IQ score is IQ 103. An IQ 103 indicates that you are of average intellect. An IQ 103 indicates that you are on par with the majority of individuals in terms of intelligence.

A person with an IQ 103 is considered to have 'average intellect.' In theory, it now represents all of the above, but in actuality, things are a little different. On their own, many people are suspicious of the test findings.

For example, you may obtain an average result because you are worried, hurried, and impulsive, despite being more clever than the tests demonstrated.

It would seldom be the other way around, while it is possible, and it adds to suspicion about the test.

Some academics believe that emotional intelligence is more important than IQ. If you have an IQ 103 but are exceptionally patient, organized, driven, ambitious, and self-confident, you may be able to outperform others who are, on paper, more clever.

The score of IQ 103 is considered 'average,' which suggests that the person has the intellectual capacity to study, analyze, comprehend, reason, and make decisions.

It implies that someone with an average score is completely capable of 'normal' learning through experience. As a result, if he or she makes a mistake, they will learn from it.

On the other side, it may be about another facet of their personality; a person with a 'normal' score would be aware of their own limitations in terms of patience, determination, attention, and so on.

They could choose, choose, and work on items they wanted to improve. Of sure, emotional intelligence and personality will play a significant influence.

However, we can fairly claim that an average score of IQ 103 is a good starting point.

II. Two great jobs fit your IQ 103

1. Loan officer

A loan officer is a bank, credit union, or other financial institution official who assists borrowers with the application process. Because mortgage loans are the most complex and expensive form of loan that most customers face, loan officers are sometimes referred to as mortgage loan officers.

Loan officer job for iq 103

What characteristics do loan officers possess?

1.1  Conventional and enterprising

Loan officers are often traditional people, which means they are detail-oriented and organized, and they prefer working in a controlled setting. They are also often entrepreneurial, which implies they are natural leaders who thrive on influencing and convincing others.

1.2 Availability, responsiveness, commitment

Confirm and demonstrate that you are always excellent with your word, service, and response. You may achieve this by, for example, delivering regular updates to your customer, answering to calls and emails within a certain time frame, and talking with both the agent and the homebuyer about wants and deadlines. When you are in control of the process, it demonstrates to the customer that they are a priority and are treated seriously.

1.3 Good Communication

A smart lender prioritizes communication with borrowers over anything else. You should search for a loan officer that responds quickly and communicates frequently. Look for a banker that responds quickly to your inquiries and concerns concerning the loan or borrowing procedure. Constant communication will aid in ensuring that the entire process operates well from start to finish.

1.4  Enthusiastic and responsive

A loan officer who is willing to sit down with you and discuss your particular goals in order to assist you discover the best scenario for your position is always a positive indicator.

With so many alternatives available, including as FDA, VA, and conventional loans, it's critical to locate a loan officer that is not only educated about the many programs accessible to consumers, but also ready to go through your individual financial position to get the house loan that is suitable for you.

Remember that a loan officer is a member of your team throughout the home-buying process. Make sure you choose someone who is ecstatic to be a part of your adventure.

2. Author

An author is a professional who creates creative tales that are published in mediums such as books, movies, or television scripts. Authors undertake research on facts that might be incorporated in their works, whether fictitious or nonfictional. Authors also keep journals, create plot components, and edit and modify other authors' work.

Author job for iq 103

Writers conduct substantial study in order to present accurate facts in their works. Writers may work from almost anywhere, and many operate as freelancers or as self-employed individuals. Writers will occasionally self-publish their novels and start their own blogs.

The following information, “how to be an author?”, can assist you in answering this question:


Discipline and motivation are inextricably intertwined. If you have a strong motivation to sit down and write, the discipline will follow. Discipline is something that writers have in spades. This is due to the fact that they must assess, write, and rewrite the same piece of information over and over again.

And this necessitates a tremendous deal of self-control. Ordinary individuals may become irritated. So, if you are disciplined, you have one of the attributes necessary to be a great writer.

2.2 Thinking Outside The Box

As a writer, it is critical to be clear and understood. Many technical writers, for example, create instruction manuals and procedure manuals. Being amusing or sharing stories would actually go against the primary goal of conveying important information.

Anyone who engages in creative writing, regardless of genre or style, aids in the exploration of the human experience, the dissemination of new ideas, and the advocacy for a better society. Whether you write for yourself or for a larger audience, creative writing makes the world a better place.

Creative writing also fosters creative thinking by encouraging students to use their imaginations, offer alternatives, and widen their cognitive process and problem-solving talents.

2.3 Be Empathetic

Understanding their ideas and feelings is what empathy entails. The phrase "empathy" refers to a wide variety of emotions. Empathy is defined by emotion researchers as the ability to perceive other people's feelings as well as the ability to envision what someone else is thinking or experiencing.

When you write with empathy, you put yourself in the shoes of the person with whom you're speaking, which helps your writing connect with them.

When creating a character-driven tale or novel, the reader must feel some kind of connection to the protagonist. This also applies to any other characters on the outskirts with whom they may interact. The reader must be able to put oneself in the shoes of the various characters and comprehend what they are going through on a personal level.

2.4 Patience

You will need a lot of patience as a writer. Before being published for the first time, a writer must experience a lot of rejection. Writing is a time-consuming and exhausting effort. The quantity of labor required of an author is frequently enormous.

When an author is overly concerned with the finished result and writes hastily, the objective is no longer to produce the greatest work possible. Rather, the purpose is to complete the assignment as quickly as feasible.

Being patient does not imply idly twiddling your fingers. It needs courage and character. While you wait, you may write more, read more, practice, fail, pick yourself up, and try again.

If you are curious whether you own IQ, you can take part in IQ tests on websites IQ-test.net or reputable educational centers which specialize in IQ measurement to identify your own IQ scores.

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