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Violence between partners continues to affect almost all men, woman and children worldwide. Domestic violence is the assault, or the threat of assault, by a man or a woman against their partner. The violence can be sexual as well as physical, or it can be emotional. Partners who are being abused may also be facing economic depravation, intimidation, or covert control.

Domestic violence is still primarily the physical abuse of a man against a woman; but the behavior exists across all genders and sexual preferences. Domestic violence and abuse is not a series of isolated incidents but an ongoing affair for which the abuser and the victim are always present. There is a system in this madness.

Contrary to the popular stereotype about «real men» as macho tough guys, it is important for men to rethink and work to change traditional masculinity. Men should be encouraged to take responsibility for their personal sexism as well as the overwhelming level of violence against women in our society.

Rape is a choice men make to exert power over others and is, therefore, a men’s issue. As long as men continue to make this choice or to remain silent while other men are violent, rape will continue. Men can live peacefully with women, but to do so, we must redefine what it means to be a man.

Violence and rape towards women is choice made to exert power. When a man commits a crime against a woman, it then becomes an issue as it reflects on men. We have to redefine what it means to be a man and to prevent male violence and rape.

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