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Sociology of Health

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Medical sociology provides an analytical framework for understanding the social contexts of health, illness and health care. Central topics include the subjective experience of health and illness, political, economic and environmental circumstances fostering ill health; and societal forces constraining the medical care system and individuals’ responses to illness.

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We are born with the ability to take our lives. Each year a million people make that choice. Even societies where suicide is illegal or taboo, people still kill themselves. Suicidal feelings should not be under-estimated, they are real and powerful and immediate. The victims are driven by pain not choice. Suicide isn’t chosen - it happens when pain exceeds the resources for coping with pain. But we do know that suicide is often a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And we also know that most people who once thought about killing themselves are now glad to be alive. They didn't want to end their lives - they just wanted to stop the pain.

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