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Sociological Mailing Lists

There are a large number of electronic mailing lists (or listservs) that pertain to sociology and related topics available through the Internet.
To subscribe to such lists, you click on the website and register online, or send an e-mail message to the appropriate address with the following message:
Subscribe <List_Name> <your_full_name>
Several of the key sociology mailing lists are listed below. Choose them, and use them from this spot.
Alternatively you can go to "Where to find more Mailing Lists?".

    Association of Black Sociologists.
    Facilitates scholarly exchanges among members of the ABS and other Black Social Scientists. Exchanges on this list should enhance opportunities for collaborative scholarly work and communications about policy matters among subscribers (moderated). Site: Central Michigan University, USA.
  2. AERA-G
    Social Context of Education.
    Discussion list for educational sociologists. Supperted by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the College of Education at Arizona State University.

    African-American Studies.
    Send message to: listserv@harvard.harvard.edu

  4. altmedia
    An interdisciplinary list to promote research into alternative, radical and community media in all their forms. It provides a space to share ideas, information, skills and resources.

  5. ANSS-L
    Discussion of library issues among specialists in anthropology, sociology and related fields.

    Dedicated to friendly and scholarly discussion of anything pertaining to anthropology and its study. Founded in 1985 and based at the University at Buffalo, New York, USA.

  7. anthro-teach-learn
    An opportunity for staff in universities, higher education, and access courses, undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni to exchange ideas about teaching and learning anthropology in the UK in addition to other activities of the National Network.

    Applied Sociology.

    Computers and Sociology
    Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    Send message to listserv@vm.temple.edu

  10. ASQ
    Administrative Science Quarterley listserver.
    List managers: Will Mitchell and Brad Killaly, (University of Michigan).
    Send following message to: asq@umich.edu
    first line: <Your E-Mail Address>
    second line: <Your_Name and Affiliation>
    You can also visit the ASQ Archive.

    Popular culture discussion.
    Send message to: badsubjects_request@uclink.berkeley.edu

  12. Balkan women and friends
    A list for exchanges of information between social scientists and others who conduct research women in the Balkans. It welcomes the participation of others concerned with the situation of women in Balkan societies. It circulates information about on-going and completed research, publications, journals of interest to list members, forthcoming conferences, calls for papers, jobs and scholarships, researchers seeking collaborators, other resources for researching women in the Balkans, requests for information, development agencies, international organisations and others seeking consultants on women and gender.

    The aim of the Bhaskar list is to discuss Critical Realism as a philosophy for science and as a philosophy for human emancipation.

  14. biog-methods
    An open list for social scientists interested in biographical methods.

    Discussion of Pierre Bourdieu's sociology and philosophy.

  16. BPR
    Business process re-engineering.
    Send "join BPR <first name> <last name>" to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk

  17. BUBBA-L
    Popular culture of the Southern United States.
    Send message to: listproc@knuth.mtsu.edu

    For business/organisation studies researchers/research groups seeking to network with academic peers and improve the quality of their research. List is part of networking activities of UK academics working in departments with less than maximum RAE ranking.

  19. CAPDU-L
    Canadian Association of Public Data Users.
    Send message to: listserv@vm.ucs.ualberta.ca

  20. census-news
    For items of news about UK census datasets and census research and for circulating details of conferences and workshops relevant to the census community (unmoderated).
    Send "join census-news firstname(s) lastname " to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk

  21. census-uk
    A superlist for the group of moderated lists run by the ESRC/ISC Census Programme network, on behalf of members of the academic community interested in using census data. Online registration.

  22. centr-and-east-euro-music
    Academic discussion list for the history, theory, analysis, and sociology of music in Central and Eastern Europe.
    Send "join centr-and-east-euro-music firstname(s) lastname" to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk

  23. Champs
    A mailing list for the exchange of information about the ideas of Pierre Bourdieu.

  24. child-youth-geosocial-env
    A forum for discussion on the social and material environments of young people. It brings together researchers and practictioners on issues of relevance to the lives of children and youth both in contemporary society and in historical context.

  25. christian-sociologist
    List for discussion of sociology and related disciplines from a christian perspective, the impact of culture and social factors on christian and other faiths, the sociology of religion and belief. The list is not intended for discussions of theology or for debates over christian doctrine. Online registration.

  26. CJUST-L
    Forum for free and open discussion of Criminal Justice issues and problems. Although primarily an academic discussion list, all subscribers are encouraged to participate regeardless of their backgrounds.

  27. CMDNET-L
    Conflict Management Division Network (American Academy of Management).
    List manager: John Bunch.
    Send message to: listserv@ksuvm.ksu.edu

    Managerial and Organizational Cognition Interest Group.
    List manager: Page West
    Send message to: listproc@lists.colorado.edu

  29. community-youth-work
    Sharing information, ideas, skills and resources of relevance to the study and the practice of community and youth work. Proposed Topic areas: Theory into Practise, Deviancy, Community Development, Computer Mediated Communication, Issues of relevance to participants.

    Devoted to the developing of interest and the sharing of information on the effects of urbanization.

  31. consumer-studies
    A forum for the exchange of information, ideas and research in the specific areas of advertising and consumption. As a newsletter, the list shall provide space for discussions of consumer and advertising theory, methodology, shopping, market-research, cultural and social change. Online registration.

  32. criminology
    Disseminates information about forthcoming events that will be of interest to those working in UK HE institutions who are interested in criminology, criminal justice and socio-legal studies.

  33. critical-management
    Supports critical discussion, reflection and research in the fields of business, management and organization studies. It aims to encourage and promote debate from a range of disciplines and perspectives in challenging orthodox approaches to management research and education.
    Send "join critical-management firstname(s) lastname" to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk

  34. CRTnet
    The Communication Research and Theory Network.
    Send message to: listserv@psuvm.psu.edu

  35. CTheory
    The mailing list of an international journal of theory, technology, and culture. Edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker. Online subscription.

    Computer Users in the Social Sciences.
    For issues of interest to social workers, counselors, and human service workers of all disciplines. CUSS is a nonprofit association of professionals interested in exchanging information & experiences on using computers in the human services (moderated).
    Send message to: listserv@listserv.uta.com

  37. cybercrimes
    A forum which will: a) identify a network of academics who are interested in discussing the issue(s) of cybercrime b) it will also engender discussion on the subject.

    The cyberspace society list. The CS was established to sustain the democratic mission and the universal right of the people to govern their own affairs, which are now being overrun by multinational corporations and leadership groups with whom the global people no longer closeley identify.
    Send "subscribe cyber-soc" to listserv@listserv.readadp.com

  39. cyber-society-live
    A moderated discussion list for those who are interested in the interdisciplinary and academic study of cyber society in all its manifestations.

  40. cyberspace-and-society
    A research and academic list relevant to social sciences and related disciplines. It will review, disseminate and report of advances in cyberspace, virtual environments and new cultural technologies. It encourages multi-disciplinary perspectives. Subscribe online.

  41. death-soccon
    A list for scholars in the social and medical sciences and the humanities interested in the social context of death, dying and the disposal of the dead to raise issues for discussion, circulate information about current developments, and seek help with research (e.g. bibliographic inquiries).

  42. drug-misuse-research
    A discussion forum and information resource for those undertaking research in drug misuse. It can be used to anounce seminars etc. and to promote links between researchers. Register online.

    Send message to: majordomo@listserv.cso.uiuc.edu

  44. DYNMOD-L
    Discussion List for Dynamic Models of Organizations and Information Systems.
    List manager: Alexander Verbraeck.
    Send message to: listserv@duticai.twi.tudelft.nl

  45. ecohse
    European Centre for Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment (ECOHSE). ECOHSE is the organisational host of the European Network for Occupational and Environmental Health.

    Economic Sociology.
    Send message to: listproc@listproc.hcf.jhu.edu

  47. ELIAS-I
    A forum for continued exploratoin of the concepts offered in the work of Norbert Elias.

  48. ERaM - Ethnicity, Racism, and the Media
    The ERaM Programme was founded in 1995 in the Department of Social and Economic Studies of the University of Bradford (UK) to utilise the internet as a global forum and focus for discussion, information dissemination and research collaboration on issues of racism, ethnicity and the media.

  49. esa-all
    Superlist for the discussion of lists of the European Sociological Association (ESA). General announcements (job ads, calls for papers, queries etc.) should not be placed here but should go to the list european-sociologists. Research Networks and other ESA-affiliated lists have the prefix esa-

  50. esa-consumption
    European Sociological Association Working Group on Consumption: mailbase facility. Bulletin board and newsletter concerning issues in the sociology of consumption.

  51. esa-youth
    European Sociological Working Group on Consumption. Bulletin board and newsletter concerning issues in the sociology of consumption.

  52. ETHNO
    Ethnomethodology/conversation analysis.
    Send message to: comserve@rpiecs

  53. ethnopolitics
    Encourages scholarly research and exchange between academics on issues related to (non-immigrant) ethnic minorities, minority rights, and the origin, development and settlement of ethnic conflicts.

  54. european-social-policy
    Deals with social policy and social welfare issues in Europe, including the EU. Of interest to academics in social policy, sociology,economics, political science, law, public administration and other fields, and also to others involved in policy debate.

  55. european-sociologist
    Based upon the newsletter of the European Sociological Association (ESA). Discussion, announcements (e.g., conferences, new posts), and information (e.g., research groups) for sociologists and other social scientists working in Europe or on European topics.

  56. family-and-household
    Interdisciplinary list for those teaching or researching in areas concerning contemporary families and households.

    Family studies.
    Send message to: listserv@ukcc.uky.edu

  58. FAVNET - Feminists Against Violence Networks
    A moderated email list dedicated to ending domestic violence & violence against women.

  59. fear-of-crime-research
    Discussion on issues around the fear of crime - one of the fastest growing areas of academic and policy-related criminological research.

  60. FEMISA
    Women in the global economy.
    Send message to: listproc@csf.colorado.edu

    Folklore discussion.
    Send message to: listserv@tamvm1.tamu.edu

  62. forced-migration
    Aims to encourage greater exchange of information and to promote discussion on the problem of refugees and other victims of forced migration/involuntaru resettlement, including those of development projects which lead to their forcible uprooting.

  63. forced-migration-history
    Encourages the exchange of ideas and information on population displacements in twentieth century European history, and explores the inter-relationship of migration/settlement with nationalism, state formation and the construction of social identities.

    Work of Michel Foucault.
    Send message to: majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu

    Early Critical Theory.

    The future of work and all that is associated with it.
    Send message to: listserv@cfs.colorado.edu

  67. GLQSOC-L
    Gay and Lesbian Studies.
    Send message to: Listserv@bingvmb.cc.binghamton.edu

  68. groups-analysis
    An international forum for those interested or involved in the research, theory of group analysis.

    Work of Jürgen Habermas.
    Send message to: majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu

  70. history-ideas
    A forum for the discussion of intellectual history, the history of ideas and the sociology of knowledge. Particular emphasis will be placed upon theoretical and methodological issues within these disciplines.

  71. HR-OD-L
    Human resource management, organizational development, and change.
    Send message to: listserv@ksuvm.ksu.edu

  72. HRNET
    Human Resources Division of the (American) Academy of Management.
    List manager: John Boudreau.
    Send message to: listserv@cornell.edu

  73. HRIS-L: Human Resources Information (Canada).
    Send "subscribe HRIS-L <your internet address>" to majordomo@hr.trends.ca

  74. HRD-L: Human Resources Planning & Development.
    Send "subscribe HRD-L <your internet address>" to majordomo@hr.trends.ca

  75. ICASH-L
    Sociologists Against Sexual Harassment. The communiques typically include requests for information or resources for conducting research, developing policy statements, and for facilitating workshops about sexual harassment.

  76. industrial-relations-research
    A forum for academic discussion on industrial relations broadly conceived. It covers current research, methods, results and theories on employment relations, collective relationships, trade unions, HRM & employment law.

  77. IERN-L
    International Employee Relations Network.
    Send message to: listserv@ube.ubalt.edu

    Symbolic Interaction.
    Send message to: listproc@sun.soci.niu.edu

  79. ISPO
    An electronic forun for the discussion and debate of the Information Society isssues. To subscribe to ISPO click here. You can also have a look a the archives of this discussion list.

  80. IVSA
    International Visual Sociology Association. Site: University of Windsor, Canada.
    Send "subscibe IVSA <Your_Full_Name>" to: listserv@pdomain.uwindsor.ca

  81. Jottings on Luhmann
    A discussion mailing list on Luhmann. The primary goal is to encourage the discussion of and increase the visibility of Niklas Luhmannís work outside of his native Germany, especially in the English-speaking world. The most exciting possibility is to have at our fingertips the best resource for people, interests and events. The academic fields may range from economics to physics to law to organizational systems to social sciences, and more.

  82. LABOR-L
    Discussion group for worldwide labour issues, moderated by Prof Sam Lanfranco.

    Devoted to studies of Language Use.
    Send message "sub lang-use your_name" to: listserv@vm.temple.edu

  84. LBO-talk
    A mailing list for the discussion of politics, economics, and culture, all expansively defined. It is sponsored by Left Business Observer, a newsletter mainly about economics, and moderated by its editor, Doug Henwood.
    Send message "subscribe lbo-talk" to majordomo@lists1.panix.com

    Systems thinking and the learning organization. List managers: Richard Karash and Charles Kiefer.
    Send message to: majordomo@world.std.com

  86. LIMES
    'Liste für MittelEuropäische Soziologie' is a new discussion and information forum that supports the co-operation of sociologists in Central Europe with its specific intellectual traditions. English, German and other european languages allowed.
    Send message "sub LIMES your name" to: listserv@ls.univie.ac.at

  87. LORE
    Folklore discussion.
    Send message to: listserv@ndsuvm1

  88. management-history
    Supports critical and scholarly discussion, reflection and research in the area of management and administrative history; and the development of historically informed analyses and explorations of management practices and of management philosophy and thought.

  89. management-research
    This list supports critical and scholarly discussion, reflection and research in the area of management and administrative history; and the development of historically informed analyses and explorations of management practices and of management philosophy and thought. For discussion of issues related to management research, including its methodology & development, research training, networking and dissemination of research findings. To provide a forum for such issues to enhance the effectiveness of management research in Britain, Europe and internationally.

  90. MARXISM-General
    A non-moderated general list with the motto 'more knowledge is better than less, more information is better than less, and diverse points of view are welcome'. Hans Ehrbar is the contact person.
    Send message "subscribe marxism-general" to: majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu

  91. MARXISM-International
    Dedicated to analyzing the destructive exploitation of capitalist globalism and promoting proletarian internationalism. The moderator is Louis Godena.
    Send message "subscribe marxism-international" to: marxism-international@listserv.cc.emory.edu

  92. MARXISM-Intro
    The mailing list marxism-intro gives everybody who wants to know more about Marxism the opportunity to discuss with Marxists in a protected environment. In your contributions to the list, your email address will not be revealed to the other list members. Instead, you will be identified by a pseudonym which you have to select before sending your first contribution.
    To subscribe to this mailing lists, open mail to majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu, and in the body of the message, type: "subscribe marxism-intro". The moderator of this list is Hans Ehrbar.

  93. MARXISM-Feminism
    A useful and thought-provoking forum for discussion for all those interested in the intersection of feminism and marxism. More info.
    Send message "subscribe marxism-feminism" to: majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu

  94. MARXISM-Psych
    Dedicated to the discussion of psychological questions from a social and marxist perspective, and marxist questions from a psychological perspective. Its moderator is Chris Burford. More info.
    Send message "subscribe marxism-psych" to: majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu

    Send message to: majordomo@majordomo.cc.jyu.fi

  96. Marxjour List - The main goal is the promotion of links between the journals, reviews and other periodical publications working in marxist tradition. To subscribe send in the body of your mail "subscribe marxjour" to the majordomo@ccc.uba.ar. Marxjour List Moderator.

    Mathematical Sociology Discussion Group. Site: Darthmouth College, Hannover, USA.
    Send "sub MATHSOC <Your_Full_Name>" to: listserv@dartmouth.edu

    Media/Social theories of Marshall McLuhan & their application.
    Send message to: majordomo@inforamp.net

  99. METHO
    Quantitative methodology in the social sciences (French language).
    Send message to: listserv@uquebec.ca

  100. METHODS
    Research methodology in the social sciences.
    Send message to: comserve@vm.its.rpi.edu

  101. mutuality-uk
    To examine issues relating to the development of friendly societies, co-operation, workers and consumers co-operatives, credit unions, building societies and other mutuals. To exchange information about their origins, their links, their activities and their future.

  102. NetDynam
    The purpose of this list is to examine the online group dynamics: the purpose is to examine the process itself of writing through listservers -- perceptions of the other participants, the dynamics of flame wars, power and persuasion, what is effective communication and why.

  103. NIATRN-L
    Researchers in population aging.
    Send message to: niatrn-l@list.nih.gov

  104. NIGHT-L
    Folklore about supernatural creatures.
    Send message to: listproc@unicorn.acs.ttu.edu

  105. NWAC-L
    The changing nature of work.
    Send message to: listserv@psuvm.psu.edu

  106. OBTS-L
    Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Network.
    List manager: John Miller.
    Send message to: listserv@bucknell.edu

  107. OCISNET
    Organizational Communication and Information Systems Division Network.
    List manager: Mark Fuller.
    Send message to: ocisnet@baylor.edu

  108. OMTNET
    Organization and Management Theory Division Network.

  109. ONE-L
    Organizations and the Natural Environment Interest Group Network.
    List manager: Gary Throop.
    Send message to: listserv@clvm.clarkson.edu

  110. ORGCULT
    Organizational Culture Caucus.
    List manager: Neal Ashkanasy.
    Send message to: listproc@commerce.uq.edu.au

  111. ORTRAD-L
    Discussion of living oral traditions.
    Send message to: listserv@mizzou1.missouri.edu

  112. POPCULT
    Popular culture.
    Send message to: mailserv@camosun.bc.ca

  113. population-studies
    Concerned with research and teaching in population studies, both in demography and in other subjects such as geography, sociology, development, management, planning and public policy. Information on research, conference proposals and teaching resources welcomed.

  114. POR
    Public Opinion Research.
    Send message to: listserv@unc.edu or to listserv@gibbs.oit.unc.edu

  115. PPN
    Progressive Population Network.
    Send message to: listserv@cfs.colorado.edu

  116. PSN
    The Progressive Sociologists Network.
    A moderated list devoted to the examination of issues of theoretical and political importance to sociologists. PSN has an archive of working papers and published papers (with copyrights cleared by publishers), as well as a more comprehensive archive of papers and PSN discussions.

    A list on computer assisted qualitative data analysis software.
    The project is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and has no commercial links to any software developer or supplier. It aims to disseminate an understanding of the practical skills needed to use software which has been designed to assist qualitative data analysis (e.g field research, ethnography, text analysis). The project also provides a variety of media where the debate surrounding associated methodological and epistemological issues, can take place.
    Send message "join qual-software firstname(s) lastname" to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk. On the home page of QUADAS you'll find more information on this project: a bibliography, short courses, software training courses, advisory help-line, and a newsletter.

  118. QUALITY
    TQM in Manufacturing and Service Industries Discussion List.
    List manager: James W. Reese.
    Send message to: quality@pucc.princeton.edu

    General quality management.
    Send "join quality-management firstname(s) lastname" to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk

  120. Reinet
    Liste de diffusion relations professionnelles/ Industrial relations mailing list.
    A forum for academic discussion on industrial relations in France, and also, in a comparative perspective, in Europe and in other developed countries. The objective is to encourage a pluridisciplinary debate in the field of industrial relations, and to share information on activities, resources and existing initiatives amongst the academic community and practitioners of industrial relations.

  121. Radical Constructivism
    Its topics cover theory, applications, and publications that deal with radical, epistemological, psychological and educational constructivism, autopoiesis and second order cybernetics. Typical proponents of constructivism are (among others): Ernst von Glasersfeld, Heinz von Foerster, Humberto Maturana, Francesco Varela, Jakob von Uexkuell, Gordon Pask, and George Kelly.
    Send message to: constructivism@ls.univie.ac.at. List owner Alex Riegler.

  122. REVS
    Racial/Ethnic Violence and Discrimination.
    Send message to: listserv@cfs.colorado.edu

    Rural Development
    A discussion group of community/rural development practitioners and researchers.
    Send message to: listserv@ksuvm.ksu.edu

  124. RURSOC-L
    Rural Sociology Discussion List.
    Send "sub RURSOC-L <Your_Full_Name>" to: listserv@lsv.uky.edu

  125. sai-irish-studies
    A discussion forum for members of the Sociological Association of Ireland, readers of the Irish Journal of Sociology, and all those interested in social policy in Ireland (North and South), Irish Studies and the systematic study of Irish society.

  126. self-and-agency
    Provides information about the activities of Self and Agency in relation to an integrated and applied approach to social and cultural studies. It will also circulate abstracts of all papers submitted, book reviews, forthcoming conferences and sociology workshops.

  127. soc-hods
    This closed list is intended for members of the Heads of Departments of Sociology Council (that is, all Heads of Department and Professors of Sociology at UK Universities) to discuss matters of common interest relating to the administration and management of sociological teaching and research.

  128. SIMSOC
    Simulations in the Social Sciences
    Announcements, news and discussion related to the use of computer simulation in the social sciences, including approaches based on micro-simulation and multi-agent modelling.
    Send "join simsoc firstname(s) lastname" to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk. For further information relating to this new list, contact its owner.

  129. SOCED
    Sociology of Education.
    Send message to: majordomo@lists.stanford.edu

  130. SOCGRAD
    An international forum of graduate students of sociology.
    Send message to: listproc@cfs.colorado.edu

    An active forum for scholars to discuss ideas and research on the role of social class in contemporary societies. They foster discussions of both class structure and the effects of social class, for instance on politics, lifestyle, or identity. Topics may include: conceptualizing class divisions, stratification, the labor movement or other class-based organizations, class voting, links between class and cultural or consumer habits, class in economically developing countries, and modern class divisions in historical perspective.
    Send the following message to listserv@listserv.uic.edu - "SUB SOCIAL-CLASS firstname surname, school" [there should be only one comma, it goes after your surname]. Editors: Terry Clark (professor of sociology at the University of Chicago) and Michael Rempel (graduate student).

    An international space for discussion and information on social movements, popular protest, collective action, and counter culture.
    Send message "subscribe social-movements" to maiser@wit.ie

  133. social-theory
    A forum for the discussion of social theory within the social sciences. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the relationship between psychology and sociology with special reference to the links between the individual and social processes.

  134. social-work-swap
    A discussion list hosted by the Learning and Teaching Support Netwrok Subject Cenre for Social Policy and Social Work.

  135. socintro - Introductory Sociology forum

    Sociological Issues.
    Send message to: listserv@think.net

  137. sociology-midwifery
    A discussion forum on the social, economic, sociological & political issues of midwifery & maternity care: medicalization; professional competition; attitudes of pregnant women. It also aims to stimulate co-operation between researchers in Britain & elsewhere on cross-national comparative studies.

  138. socrel
    An open discussion and news list devoted to Sociology of Religion and is primarily for academics working in the field in (or about) the UK. The list grew out of discussions in the sociology of religion group of the British Sociological Association.

  139. SOCNET
    Social Networks
    Send message to: listserv@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu

  140. SOCORG-K
    Social organization of knowledge.
    Send message to: listserv@vm.utcc.utoronto.ca.

  141. SOCWORK

    Send message "sub SOCWORK your name" to: listserv@idbsu.idbsu.edu.

  142. SOS-DATA
    A forum for discussion of any topic related to social science data (unmoderated).
    Send message to: listserv@unc.edu

  143. SOSIG
    Discusses the Social Science Information Gateway service and is used to post news about news about new developments and services on the gateway.
    Send message "join sosig firstname lastname" to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk. For more information on the list.

    A German forum for sociological discussion, a starting point for further planning to use computer networks for sociological discourse.

  145. sports-law
    Covering a broad range of areas related to sport and its regulation, this list will be of use to legal academics and academics with interests in sports science/medicine/sociology/history.

    Sociological aspects of sports (moderated/archive). Site: Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.
    Send "sub SPORTSOC <your name>" to: listserv@vm.temple.edu.

    Symbolic Interaction.
    Send message to: listproc@sun.soci.niu.edu

  148. STAR-L
    Sociaal Wetenschappelijke Databestanden.
    Voor wie interesse heeft in het gebruik van databestanden in sociaal-wetenschappelijk onderzoek. De lijst biedt ruimte aan vragen en informatie over databestanden (van o.a. Steinmetzarchief, CBS, buitenlandse data-archieven). (unmoderated/archive).
    You can join this group by sending the message "sub Star-L <your name>" to: listserv@nic.surfnet.nl

  149. subcultural-styles
    Interdisciplinary discussion (within sociology, cultural studies, discourse analysis, geography) on the theory and empirical investigation of 'deviant' subcultural styles and related phenomena (clubcultures and coutercultures).

    Social science data.
    Send message to: listproc@irss.unc.edu

  151. TECGRP-L
    Technology and Social Behavior.
    Send message to: listserv@psuvm.psu.edu

  152. Terrorism-Research
    Academic research network on terrorism and counter-terrorism.

  153. traveller-net
    Academic, policy makers and service providers, generating discussion across the range of issues which concern Cypsy-Travellers in the UK and Europe. Traveller-Net is not a list exclusively about Romanies.

  154. virtual-methods
    Discussion of methodological problems and innovations associated with research into computer-mediated communication.

  155. women-and-social-policy
    Woman and social policy special interest group.

  156. women-in-ecology
    Women ecologists in academic or related institutions.

  157. working-class-studies

  158. WMST-L
    An international forum for discussion of Women's Studies teaching, research, and program administration. It also distributes Women's Studies job and conference announcements and calls for papers.

  159. WSN
    Mailing list of the Journal of World-Systems Research.
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